Real estate trends in 2020: Dean O’Brien

“When we sit in a room we are allowed to have a difference of opinion, but when we leave that room we can only have one direction.”Dean O’Brien

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When he founded OBrien Real Estate with Darren Hutchins in 2010, Dean O’Brien shared a vision to establish a successful franchise, which incorporated family values, mutuality, realising potential, embracing change and the importance of nurturing health and energy.

Six years on, and with multiplying offices across Melbourne’s southeast, Dean is relishing the opportunity to share his vision and success with more than 300 individuals across the O’Brien Real Estate team.

As co-director, Dean is passionate about creating a place where people – his staff and all clients – can facilitate their growth. His aim is to foster a professional and outstanding service for those wanting to experience a real difference in real estate.

This culture is something Dean works on every day – and in this podcast you’ll understand why it gets him out of bed excited to be in the business he’s in.

In this episode Samantha and Dean discuss:

  • The key strategy that has allowed OBrien to grow to 27 offices (even in a slow market)
  • 2020 strategy and goals, including the role that investors will play in the market
  • Why ‘transactional’ real estate is out and ‘relationship’ real estate is in
  • The importance of building internal training platforms to become an attraction business and keep the team ahead of the curve
  • How to successfully balance leadership at home and at work
  • What part of the procedures and systems was invented when he ended up ‘stuck’ in an airport with Phil Harris
  • Why a grounding in ‘the now’ is sometimes important than looking for what’s next…

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.