Sherrie Storor masterminds new program for high performers

Building a business that is profitable, with healthy revenue margins, encompasses a high-performing team, is structured, enables you to develop your leadership skills and allows you to build wealth and legacy and provides you with freedom is all within reach.

Real Estate Coach and Mentor Sherrie Storor has released a program to the real estate industry that has never been seen before within the sector.

‘MASTERMIND. With Sherrie’ is for those business owners, agency owners, management, selling principals, high-performing agents and those wanting to take their careers to the next level who are looking to gain access to high-level wisdom and strategies to grow their businesses and build their best lives.

​“In this program, I have brought together the brightest business leaders, educators and innovators to share with you their strategies and wisdom for you to implement in your life,” Sherrie said.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Lorna Clarkson from Lorna Jane, sharing her wisdom and experience on how she has successfully built a celebrity profile. 
  • Nathan Sharpe, former Wallabies captain, media personality and successful business leader, teaching team building and leadership.
  • Susannah George, CEO of The Urban List, who will be talking about how to build a digital attraction business.
  • Dr Phil Jauncey, a performance psychologist, teaching mindset and the art of positive doing.
  • Kerry-Lee and Paul Gockel, a self-proclaimed wingless warrior and former Paralympian, who will share with you how to successfully set goals and build your best life.
  • Kellie Robertson, a private wealth banker, on how to build wealth, legacy and an exit strategy.

“With participants from all over the nation flying into Brisbane each month to participate in the program, it’s selling out fast,” Sherrie said.

Sherrie’s advice starts with building the right foundation for your business is the beginning. Outline your goals, define your mission and develop a monthly action plan to drive you towards your results and keep you accountable. 

Part of this stage will be clarifying where you’ve been, where you are at now and how high you want to reach. Create a compelling vision for your future.

She advises that you set yourself a weekly, quarterly and yearly plan so that you can develop and build a strong, standout brand, build a celebrity profile, grow a highly profitable team and establish a digital empire.

Actively implement a personal growth plan so that you can strengthen your mindset, mental clarity and mental toughness. Discover what style of leader you are, learn how to become exceptional at it, how to delegate responsibility (because we all find this hard!) and build amazing teams.

One element Sherrie has observed that we don’t take into account early enough is forming and setting a plan for your exit strategy.

Start ‘future visioning’ how you can grow your finances sustainably, build a legacy and free yourself from your business. It’s important to build into your business the foundations for you to exit your business now, so that you can do it profitably.

One of her biggest takeaways is to “always be learning”. From high-level experts in the industry. From high achieving athletes, business leaders outside the real estate industry and from inspirational people accomplishing incredible feats.

If you’re looking for a program that offers all of these elements, ‘MASTERMIND. With Sherrie’ is for you. For business owners, agency owners, management positions, selling principals, high performing agents and those wanting to take their careers to the next level.

The program is set to launch on April 21, with six sessions taking place at Brisbane’s Calile Hotel over the next six months, and at the time of writing, there were only three positions of the original 22 remaining.

To find out more information and apply to participate go to

About Sherrie

Sherrie is a real estate agent, mentor, speaker, educator, here to help real estate agents find their edge and leverage their real estate career to achieve their dreams and build their best lives.

She is an active agent for elite residential properties, one of just nine coaches to be endorsed by REA as part of the Advantage Plus program, the organiser behind the successful Women in Real Estate Business Series, where she travelled across four cities to share her knowledge and wisdom gained from almost two decades of extensive real estate experience with more than 1200 attendees. 

She has launched a multiple-office project marketing and residential sales business, offloaded her vast rent roll for a record sum (in record time), grown a database of 35,000 engaged contacts, personally sold more than 850 properties and has been associated with the transactions of 4000 others. 

Sherrie is now focused on mentoring agents, educating on the art of selling, closing and building a real estate business and the power of building your best life.

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