Real estate coach Sherrie Storor has a focus on agent photoshoots

Love them or loathe them, photoshoots are critical to creating an engaging social media profile that attracts prospective sellers and buyers to you as an agent. But what makes a great photo that will connect with and inform your audience?

In the coming weeks, real estate coach Sherrie Storor will be hosting on-site photoshoot sessions offering hands-on guidance on what agents should capture in a photoshoot for their social media profile.

The sessions will see her guide and direct attendees through an actual shoot, resulting in a bank of 20 professionally photographed and edited images.

As part of the event, Ms Storor will also provide advice on how to make the most of the images captured and how to prepare for further photoshoots in the future.

“Images are a key part of any digital strategy,” Ms Storor explained.

“But often agents struggle with what to capture in a photoshoot.

“In these sessions I’ll be right there with them offering advice in a day that results in a solid bank of professional photographs they can use to leverage their social media profile.”  

Noting the aim of the game was to create a compelling social media profile that allowed agents to “meet buyers and sellers where they are spending their time”, Ms Storor said agents should be conducting regular photoshoots on a three-month basis.

“Deciding to level up your social media is a game-changer and to level up your social media profiles you need to be consistent, forward-thinking and ensure you have enough creative prepared ahead of time,” she said.

“Having quarterly social media photoshoots will help you create a content bank, remove the stress out of social media, and ensure that you are not always under pressure to capture images to post on social media at the last minute!”

Ms Storor explained photoshoots require preparation, with the agent needing to be clear on exactly what they require in advance.

“You have a limited amount of time with your chosen photographer to get the shots, so you must know what you want to achieve,” she said.

Meanwhile, she explained creative photography was essential to developing a compelling digital profile that extends far beyond ‘just listed’, ‘just sold’ content.

“A big mistake agents make with social media is treating it just like a listing platform and only posting new listings, sold properties and information about their achievements,” she said.

“While this is important, it shouldn’t be the largest portion of content you are distributing to them. Social media is the top of your funnel in growing your audience. You need to inform, educate, entertain your audience, and keep them engaged to get them to follow you and stay following you.”

Great photography is paramount to this strategy, she stated.

Ms Storor’s Photoshoots with Sherrie sessions include:

  • 20 professionally photographed and edited images of the attendee that can be used on social media or their personal marketing.
  • A template and guide on how to get the most out of all your future photoshoots.
  • Creative direction on the day by Ms Storor who will be present to help guide and direct attendees through their photoshoot.

The next sessions will take place in Brisbane on Sunday, August 8 followed by the Gold Coast on Sunday, August 29, with more information available here.

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