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REA Group wants you for their online property panel

REA Group has launched its new realestate.com.au Property Panel, and they are seeking sales agents, principals and property managers to be part of the inaugural panel.

Customers who participate will not only connect with peers to discuss industry trends and help shape the future of real estate, but will also have the opportunity to benefit from expert coaching and mentoring sessions as well as other incentives.

REA Group Chief Sales Officer, Kul Singh, said the Property Panel is a great step forward towards continued collaboration between REA and its customers.

“This year has shown, as an industry, we’re more resilient when we work together,” Mr Singh said.

“In 2020 we’ve worked more closely with our customers than ever before. We listened and offered flexible support, products and services to help meet their needs in an uncertain time.

“We’re committed to supporting the growth and success of our customers, and want to continue to find ways to work together to build an even more resilient industry.

“The realestate.com.au Property Panel provides our customers with an opportunity to continue to work closely with us and formalises our collaboration approach.

“Ultimately it allows our customers to play a role in influencing our development pipeline at REA.”

Positions on the Property Panel are limited and customers are encouraged to apply via the Agent Marketing Centre before 28 October to ensure their voice is heard.

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