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REA Group commits to carbon neutrality

REA Group has announced its commitment to become carbon neutral, with science-based targets in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The group’s carbon neutrality will be achieved with the introduction of initiatives that directly reduce REA’s emissions impact across the business, and by offsetting 100 per cent of the remaining carbon footprint.

REA has also compiled a Climate Change Policy, and released a 64-page FY20 Sustainability Report. The company’s sustainability program will focus on the three pillars of environment, social, and governance.

“The construction and operation of residential and commercial buildings has a significant impact on global carbon emissions,” REA Group CEO, Owen Wilson, said.

“REA is committed to understanding how the property sector can mitigate the risks of Climate Change and leverage opportunities to help our customers and consumers make smart sustainable property decisions.

“Our aim is to put REA and our customers in the best position to succeed in a low-carbon future and our organisation’s new commitment to achieve net zero emissions is a promising start.

“We look forward to continually improving our sustainability performance and playing our part in creating positive change in the industry, community and the environment in which we operate.”

REA’s carbon emissions reduction action plan covers the areas of electricity consumption, energy efficiency, business flights, employee commuting and car fuel.

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