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RE/MAX expand to four new countries in 2020

RE/MAX continues to expand to more countries and territories around the world, with the brand setting up office in four new countries this year.

“RE/MAX added Belgium, Moldova, North Macedonia and St. Lucia in the first of half of 2020,” reports RE/MAX Australia Managing Director Joel Davoren.

“Despite the pandemic and the varying impact on countries across the world, our resilient global network has continued to grow, with more than 6,000 agents outside the U.S. and Canada joining RE/MAX over the past year.

“Leaders championing professional development, training and philanthropy; virtual conferencing; and continued recruiting support and business coaching have firmed confidence,” said Mr Davoren, “and the brand’s culture of nurturing entrepreneurship attracts top professionals.”

Australia and New Zealand figured in other global highlights for the network.

RE/MAX Australia, formerly two regions, merged into one, streamlining and enhancing the services offered to the region’s agents.

RE/MAX LLC, the global headquarters, conducted the sale of the New Zealand region to Don Ha, the first New Zealander to own the region in its 24-year history with the brand, entirely over Zoom.

Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Portugal, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Israel and other countries continued to offer premier coaching and education for their agents, with an incredible response. Virtual events have been attended by thousands of agents worldwide.

The successful petitioning by RE/MAX South Africa owners led to the government there declaring real estate an essential business during the country’s shutdown.

RE/MAX Empowers Ambitious Ladies (R.E.A.L.) emerged as a network empowering the women of RE/MAX to thrive during COVID and beyond.

“Our region owners include some of the brightest business leaders in the world,” said Shawna Gilbert, RE/MAX Vice President, Global Development.

“Their commitment to staying strong in the face of challenges and continuing to offer business opportunities for entrepreneurs and agents around the globe serves as an example to all in the real estate industry. RE/MAX strives to offer the business-building tools needed to be successful in any market, and thanks to strong leadership, our international franchises continue to thrive.”

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