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Ray White launches record million-dollar media campaign

Ray White has launched its biggest media spend campaign in its 122-year history, committing $1.5 million to be spent across four pillars this year. 

The pillars consist of three campaigns, one in New South Wales and two in Queensland, and two commitments to advertising during AFL matches at the MGC and the Adelaide Oval, during Port Adelaide games. 

The ‘We don’t sell houses, we sell homes’ campaign has been released in NSW across billboards, digital boards and bus advertising, as well as via TV commercials in regional areas. 

The group hopes it will evolve into a nationwide campaign in the future.

The ‘We don’t sell houses, we sell homes’ campaign in NSW. Photo: Ray White

Ray White Group Head of Marketing, Todd Alexander, said the campaign marked a shift in the company’s evergreen campaign offering. 

“For a long time our messaging has referenced our size or our age; ‘Australia’s largest real estate group’ or ‘120 years worth of experience’,” Mr Alexander said. 

“This campaign message is not about us, it’s about our customers.” 

Mr Alexander said Ray White landed on this message by leveraging its data. 

“We now know that from 9555 of the 28,000-plus homes sold from February to June in 2023, well over half our new home listings came from a relationship from a previous purchase or sale, or from some style of referral,” Mr Alexander said.  

“Real estate agents constantly have one eye on their next listing and one eye on their current listing. 

“What this data is telling us is that having both eyes on your current listing is the best way of generating your next listing. 

“This campaign underpins our commitment to our agents’ current sales; it’s far more than a transaction – it’s helping families buy and sell their most important asset. 

“Our data tells us that with the focus on that, the next listing opportunity will come.” 

Ray White Gold Coast businesses came together for a collective marketing campaign to exemplify the concept of ‘Further Together’. 

The campaign involves a media buy-in from each office from March to May, plus a contribution from the Queensland corporate office, totalling $120,000, which covered a saturation of outdoor advertising on the Gold Coast. 

Their collective efforts will culminate in The Gold Coast Auction Experience in late April, where 100 properties will be auctioned.

Ray White Queensland will also officially launch the Brisbane 100 campaign in May, recognising Ray White’s move from Crows Nest, in rural Queensland, to Brisbane. 

It also marks eight years until Brisbane hosts the Olympics in 2032. 

As part of the campaign, surrounding Brisbane offices have been invited to drive 150-200 properties to be presented at the Brisbane 100 Auction Experience on July 21.

Ray White Queensland Chief Executive Officer Jason Andrew said the commitment from the Ray White members, as well as from the state team, reinforced the group’s engagement with its homestate. 

“Ray White’s ancestral home is in regional Queensland and we’ve had a strong presence in Brisbane for a century,” Mr Andrew said. 

“It’s an exciting time for Queensland with the Olympics just eight years away, and we’re ready to support its residents as they navigate this momentous journey that will no doubt see more infrastructure and migration.”

In Victoria, Ray White entered a partnership with MKTG to showcase Ray White during all AFL matches played at the MCG this year, at a cost of $750,000. 

First round attendance totalled 400,000, with two million TV viewers. 

Across the season, it’s expected the campaign will reach nine million AFL attendees at the ground, and 46 million total TV audience. 

Ray White Victoria CEO Domenic Belfiore said the AFL media buy marked a new era in Ray White branding across the state. 

“This sort of visibility, in one of our most culturally penetrating spaces, is a significant step forward for the group,” he said. 

“We’re standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the most recognisable names and brands in the country, and we feel that’s where we belong.”

Finally, in South Australia, Ray White entered into its eighth year of partnership with the Port Adelaide Football Club. 

This year, Ray White South Australia will offer the ‘House on the Hill’, a hospitality space for spectators, with refreshed branding around the ground. 

The investment increased as a result of the additional branding and hospitality, resulting in Ray White offices paying an extra $50 per month in their marketing levy to help cover this.

Ray White South Australia/NT CEO, Matt Lindblom, said the enduring partnership continued to be powerful. 

“Over the last eight years we’ve seen an ever-increasing return on our investment with the club, due to the significantly increased TV coverage, membership numbers, and game day attendance,” he said. 

“There’s no doubt this is working for us, with our market share in South Australia at an all time high of 22 per cent, which is more than three times our closest competitor.”

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