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Ramping up regional service

With city dwellers buying up in nearby regional cities and towns, offering top customer service and meeting industry demands has never been more important.

With an upswing in metropolitan families moving to regional areas in recent years, a strong standard of customer service has never been more paramount.

Rather than urban investors buying outer-city suburb houses to cash them in after a few years, a new generation is buying up regionally and the stakes are high.

We now estimate about 40 per cent of our Buxton Ballarat sales are going to out-of-area buyers.

For many regional real estate offices, their brand name may not allow them a widely-recognised reputation, so illustrating to your clients that their experience is the primary building block for your business is essential. 

Here are three of our top tips for great regional real estate customer service.

Communicate swiftly and efficiently 

Service and being contactable go hand-in-hand in the real estate world.

In regional cities and towns, most amenities are just a short drive from home, so if there’s anything our clients need, we have no excuse not to act quickly and provide exceptional service.

If our tenant’s hot water service blows up, we arrange a plumber promptly to rectify the situation.

We follow those companionable mantras of service and being easily contactable everywhere we go.

Anticipate and prepare for trends in sales practices 

Adapting to trends in the regional real estate market has been pertinent for many. 

Moulding customer service methods to meet a demand for auctioneering has been necessary to facilitate the needs of city dwellers who are used to the auction method of sale.

It’s a demand we only expect to increase.

Put caring for people at the heart of what you do

Care for people. These are the three words every agent should live their working lives by.

Genuinely caring for people and wanting to help the client achieve the outcome they desire is the most important component of any real estate business. 

Of course, we sell and lease properties, but it’s the people involved in this process that matter the most.

Building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with people is central to what we stand by as agents, and forging connections that last ensure we will be here to help them for many years to come.

Despite the disparity in market trends and buying practices between the two, the fundamental foundations of customer service in real estate run beneath urban and regional areas.

It’s how such foundations are used — to build the walls of an agency upon — that decides if you weather the storm.

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Mark Nunn

Mark Nunn,director at Buxton Ballarat, has more than 15 years of real estate experience. Mark brings an experienced and professional approach to his role