Mark Nunn

Mark Nunn,director at Buxton Ballarat, has more than 15 years of real estate experience. Mark brings an experienced and professional approach to his role
  • Elite Agent

    Ramping up regional service

    With city dwellers buying up in nearby regional cities and towns, Mark Nunn says offering top customer service and meeting industry demands has never been more important. With an upswing in metropolitan families moving to regional areas in recent years, a strong standard of customer service has never been more…

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  • EPM: Leadership

    The key to success

    As a real estate agent, interpersonal relationships and sociability are at the forefront of your role. The ability to negotiate and dissipate tension and stress between buyers, sellers and other agents are essential. A supportive environment is an indispensable office asset when ensuring a successful and healthy agency. Being a real estate professional requires high energy levels and an optimistic…

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