Proptech breakthroughs: Tom Ellis on empowering innovators, the surge in mergers and redefining the real estate experience

Tom Ellis’s path in PropTech is not just about tech advancements—it's about empowering innovators, growing startups and leading the charge in a rapidly changing industry.

PropTech breakthroughs are redefining how buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants interact with property.

And if anyone knows how this will impact the industry, it’s entrepreneur in residence at REACH Australia and New Zealand Tom Ellis.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, hosted by Samantha McLean, Tom takes a deep dive into his mentoring role at REACH and shares his insights on this year’s cohort, highlighting the innovators breaking through traditional PropTech barriers.

Tom also reveals the secrets behind startup survival in tough markets and how any business, including yours, can turn challenges into opportunities by zeroing in on uncontestable value.

He delves into the game-changing impact of AI and virtual reality on the real estate experience, explaining how these technologies are revolutionising agent rankings and client interactions.

Tom also discusses the key factors for making smart PropTech investments, the surge in mergers and acquisitions, and provides a sneak peek into his presentation at the upcoming PropTech Summit, where he’ll explore emerging opportunities in the Build-to-Rent sector.

“I think in these environments there’s a requirement for people to slow down and really communicate well on what problem they’re trying to solve. A focus on understanding impact and what that means, whether it’s impact to people, impact to teams, impact to bottom line, everything is looking at that understanding of how to drive a more optimised dollar spend rather than investment in billboards and marketing.” – TOM ELLIS

Sam and Tom also discuss:

  • 2:48 – From banker to innovator: Tom’s journey from cashflow finance banker to REACH, and how he’s leveraging technology to add value across the entire property chain.
  • 5:45 – Master mentor: Tom’s role at REACH mentoring 34 APAC companies, transforming newcomers into industry powerhouses and savouring every success story.
  • 6:45 – PropTech revolution: Insights on this year’s REACH Cohort, spotlighting the PropTech innovators breaking through barriers and why REACH doesn’t solely bast its support on capital return.
  • 12:00 – Startup survival secrets: How to adapt and thrive in tough times, and why surviving a challenging market can be a bigger win than hitting home runs.
  • 15:00 – Challenges and triumphs: How to convert challenges into opportunities, deliver unmatched value, and communicate your solutions effectively to outshine your competitors.
  • 17:30 – What clients want: Tomorrow’s agent, why consumers need a trusted advisor and how you can build lasting relationships and market yourself effectively.
  • 20:15 – AI’s impact: How virtual reality and AI are revolutionising the real estate experience, including the latest agent ranking technologies you need to know.
  • 25:10 – Smart PropTech investments: Key factors to consider before investing in PropTech, including solving real problems and understanding your risk tolerance.
  • 27:40 – The M&A surge: What’s driving the increase in mergers and acquisitions in the real estate industry and why this trend shows no signs of slowing down.
  • 31:55 – PropTech Summit preview: A preview of Tom’s presentation at the summit, including emerging opportunities in real estate and PropTech in Build-to-Rent.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.