Episode 59: Michael Love of Love & Co on his biggest lessons from his firm’s 70 year history and how to lead with authenticity.

Usually, things are never as bad as you think they’re going to be. Fundamentally, if you just stay present to right now, the worst thing that’s happened is, it’s done. Move on. If you’re working in the future and you’re constantly in a place that hasn’t occurred yet, it really just is all make-believe. The only thing I’m ever certain of is right now.

The Leadership Diaries: Samantha McLean talks to Michael Love, Director of Love & Co, about his family’s history in real estate, what he has learned from his father and grandfather on service and ‘giving back’, how he employs and retains the best staff and his advice for fellow industry leaders.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Michael Love

Michael will be speaking at the ARPM conference on August 19-20 in Sydney. For more information visit


01:30    Michael’s decision to enter real estate and his family’s history in the industry.
02:30    His first open home at 12 years of age.
03:30    What Michael learned from his grandfather when launching their first office

04:30    “We need to make sure that we’re always offering a good service to our clients. I think that is often a fundamental piece when making a business decision. ‘How will this benefit our clients?'”

05:45    Love & Co’s Love Our North book and what Michael has learned from his father.

06:30    “Something that was instilled in my father and instilled in me is, leave a little bit in it for the next person. There’s enough there for everybody… you don’t have to milk everything.”

07:30    “The way that we stay connected with our community is very much around, ‘What can we offer the community [that’s] of value?’”
09:00    How Michael manages staff retention.
11:00    Rebranding Love & Co in 2011, what led to this decision and how it was done.

The Leadership Diaries

12:30    What Michael does to set himself up for success for the day
13:00    Who Michael is learning from right now
13:30    Where great ideas come from within Michael’s business
14:30    Michael’s values-based ‘test’ for employing the best staff: “If they’re not somebody that I would feel comfortable [with] to go and pick my little boy up from school, or from Kinder, then they don’t have the values to work in our team.”
15:30    The most important characteristic that he thinks every leader should have
16:00    Advice for leaders replicating someone else, rather than true to themselves.

17:30    “Any advice is good advice. It’s the ability to process and determine whether that’s going to suit me right now.”

20:00    Michael’s goals for the next 12 months.

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