Episode 58: Michael Sheargold talks what’s working for teams right now plus a sneak peak of The Business of Real Estate

The new generation of people coming in the business, they’re looking for a cause. They’re looking for something beyond the money, so what are we actually doing? If we’re not able to deliver that, then something radically is wrong.

The Leadership Diaries: Samantha McLean talks to Michael Sheargold, CEO of Real Estate Results Network and Founder of Drive Performance, about some of the trends his clients are seeing, current coaching topics, how to deliver real points of difference to your clients in a changing market, improving team performance and what to expect at The Business of Real Estate conference.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Michael Sheargold

Michael will be speaking at The Business of Real Estate conference on September 3-4 on the Gold Coast. For more information visit


01:40    Michael’s takeaways from RERN’s Principal Advance in Singapore
02:45    What are the big topics on the minds of current principals/leaders?

04:30    “You can’t have strong client experience without a strong team experience.”

05:30    The Business of Real Estate; who it’s for and what attendees will take away from the event. For more information visit
08:00    Episode 57: How to 10x your business with Sharran Srivatsaa
09:00    The new breed of leaders; what Michael is observing in today’s leaders
10:45    Changing mindset for team empowerment; “your employees are volunteering to be a part of your business”
11:00    The brick, the wall and the cathedral; focusing on the bigger picture.
14:00    Who Moved My Cheese? – Dr Spencer Johnson

14:30    “When you’re generating business, you are not looking for listings. You are looking for listing opportunities.”

17:30    Discussing “a point of difference” versus “a point of value”
19:30    Bob Bohlen’s mindset before a listing appointment, “What am I going to learn?”

The Leadership Diaries

21:00    Michael’s first job and what it taught him
24:00    What Michael does to set himself up for success for the day
26:45    Who Michael is learning from right now.
27:15    Where great ideas come from within Michael’s business
28:30    Michael’s favourite question to ask during a job interview: “Tell me a time when…”
30:00    “Culture is caught, not taught.” 
31:40    Empathy as the superpower leaders need to succeed.
33:20    How to turn around thinking on ‘conflict’ to shape a better business. 

34:30    “In my opinion, great leaders want people who are going to be part of the business for a long period of time. You keep the people and you will keep the profits. You lose the people, you will lose the profits. It’s that simple.”

34:45    Michael’s tips for spending time on the business rather than in the business.

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