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PM Reach conference goes on the road in 2023

The PM Reach conference is back for 2023 and heading interstate for the first time, with events planned in NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

PM Reach, which has previously been held in Victoria, is a retreat for property managers designed to encourage them to focus on their mindset, wellness and resilience.

It’s run by Hayley Mitchell, property manager and founder of Mitchell PT, an events company that provides training to members of the property management industry.

Hayley says taking the conference on the road is something that’s been in the works for around 12 months.

“When I decided what event I wanted to take on the road, this was the one that needed to be done,” she says.

“The reason for that is it’s a really hard industry to work in and, particularly after Covid, people have lost connections.

“This is the conference that will actually get people to focus on themselves and where they are, rather than the job… We know how to do the job, but we need to actually learn how to be nicer to ourselves and how to actually understand where we want to go.”

For first-time attendees, Hayley advises that PM Reach is not your typical conference.

“It’s very different and unique to anything anyone would have ever gone to,” she said.

“So it’s not about how to be a property manager or how to work in real estate, it’s actually about your wellness, your mindset and your resilience. 

“So it’s all about coping with a role and rather than knowing how to do the job.”

Previous conferences had led to attendees making fundamental changes to the way they live and work, Hayley says.

“They might have been putting on a front where everything was happy, but when they actually drill down into it they realise that they needed to make some pretty significant changes when they got home,” she explains.

“That could mean changing where they lived, changing their job, remaining in the industry, but just changing everything about why they’re doing what they do, and now they’re kicking goals.”

This year’s speaker lineup includes Sadhana Smiles, CEO of Real Estate Industry Partners; Barkindji Warrior and driving force behind the Warrior Heart, Shantelle Thompson; and CEO of personal and professional development business THE ALCHEMIC WAY, Tanja Lee.

The speaker lineup is a mix of those working in the property management industry and people from other fields, something Hayley feels is important.

“If all we listen to are people that are working within the industry, the industry is not going to move forward, so we need to have people from outside the industry who still understand what the industry is like, they come forward with fresh ideas,” she says.

“Whereas if we only ever have people within the industry, we won’t ever grow or develop.”

You can find out more about the speaker lineup, discover when PM Reach is coming to your state and register to attend at the PM Reach website.

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