Hayley Mitchell: How to increase productivity in property management

Hayley Mitchell started in real estate in 1999 and has worked in all facets of property management. She’s won numerous awards including REIV property manager of the year two times and has twice been named on the Elite Agent industry influencers list in 2017 and 2018. She also recently launched a new business, Geelong Property Managers.

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In this interview with Hayley, we talk about what to expect at the upcoming PMLR event, how she manages her busy diary, some of the issues that come up over and over again in the Australian Property Manager Community, plus practical tools, new business models and more.

“We’ve got a couple of agencies who manage property in our area, but they’re based in Sydney. So we’re going to be the people on the ground doing their routine inspections are leasing appointments and they do all of the admin work.

So…we never actually speak to the client, we deal directly with the property management agency based in Sydney, but we do all the running around for them…”

Hayley Mitchell

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Hayley remains productive juggling a training business, a rent roll and moderating the Australian PM Community
  • Why PMs burnout and what to do about it
  • How leaders can be more inclusive of the PM side of the business and improve the culture at the same time
  • What property management in the future looks like
  • Removing the need for a traditional trust account
  • Time management tools
  • Tips for general diary management
  • Tips for dealing with difficult tenants/owners
  • The skills you will need in the future to make PM a career.

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