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Hard Work Pays: Thom Eriksson-Lake

Thom Eriksson-Lake was drawn into real estate from a background in the Public Service and has recently become a qualified auctioneer/agent with Peter Blackshaw in Canberra. Coming from a single-parent family, he learned the value of hard work from his mother’s example and now appreciates the opportunity to build relationships with his clients.

Thom, tell us a bit about your role at Peter Blackshaw. How long have you been there?
I have been part of the Peter Blackshaw family for over five years as a registered agent and have recently finished studies to become a qualified auctioneer.

What motivated you to get into real estate? Did you have a career before that?
After graduating from college I entered the Public Service, working for the Department of Finance. I enjoyed my time there, working for the Parliamentary liaison section for roughly four years. During the last year I worked in real estate part-time, as I was always interested in building relationships with people, communication and helping others achieve their goals. Once I started working part-time I was hooked.

What is the market like in your area like right now?
In Canberra we are experiencing a very buoyant seller’s market, with houses in particular attracting large numbers of buyers to inspections. This in turn is driving up sales prices and lowering the average days on market in the suburbs.

Who or what inspires you?
My mother – to me, being a single mum and raising two young boys whilst working full-time as a nurse in the Emergency Department is an amazing feat showing dedication, strength and love.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in your career and how do you push through them?
Rejection is a big part of this profession. It’s hard to hear you have lost a listing; no human being I know enjoys being rejected. I find exercising and or listening to music is a great way of dusting myself off and focusing on the next potential listing.

Define success for you?
Success to me is demonstrated by the strength of someone’s family and social group, combined with what makes them jump out of bed every day. It doesn’t need to be linked with how much money someone makes on their group certificate; it’s more about how much time and love they get to give to their family and friends, how much someone smiles and the experiences they create in their lifetime – but sure, money helps in achieving all of this!

In your briefcase right now is…
Wallet, notebook, pens, real estate brochures from the weekend.

Is there something or someone that you couldn’t live without?
Red wine…. Oh, and family and friends, as well as my two dogs, Doug and Heinz.

What is your essential piece of technology or app for agents?
Mobile phones – I hear old ‘war stories’ of agents using pay phones at shopping centres to put deals together before mobile phones arrived!

Favourite thing about reading Elite Agent Magazine?
The depth of information and the variety of topics that the magazine covers.

What are your goals or New Year’s resolutions for 2017?
To continue to grow my business by building rewarding relationships with clients and to continue to manage a healthy and enjoyable work-life balance with family, friends and my dogs.

Do you have any words to live by, or a favourite quote?
I’d rather have a life of ‘Oh wells’ than a life of ‘What ifs’.

Any advice for someone starting out in real estate?
It’s not easy; it’s an emotional rollercoaster! However, the people you meet, the goals you achieve and the way it makes you jump out of bed each day and not talk about that dreaded Monday makes it all worthwhile.

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