People first: AREA winner Gail Richards on wellbeing strategies that work, where to get started, and how to build them into your business

Wellbeing has been an increasing focus for the real estate industry over the past couple of years. But where do you start when it comes to embracing that in daily business? Here, AREA winner Gail Richards explains the simple but highly effective strategies that saw her business recognised for Wellbeing Initiative of the Year.

At Key 2 Sale in Mount Gambier, wellbeing is built into the business. It’s systemised, an ongoing conversation and part of the team’s goals and KPIs. And it’s been that way ever since the agency opened its doors six years ago.

Selling principal Gail Richards says the return on that investment is obvious. It’s evident in the happiness of her team members, in staff retention, and in the service provided to their clients.

She also notes in an industry like real estate, a focus on wellbeing is essential.

In this Elevate podcast with Cassandra Charlesworth, Gail shares the wellbeing strategies which recently saw Key 2 Sale recognised with an Annual REA Excellence Award for Wellbeing Initiative of the year.

Many of these ideas are easy to replicate and implement, while others tap into Key 2 Sale’s unique culture and position in the market, and play to their specific strengths. But all are designed to ensure staff welfare and health comes first in an industry where the pressure can be intense.

From a purpose-built Zen room to mentoring, shared Monday lunches, wellness Wednesdays and phone boundaries, there are a host of great wellbeing ideas on offer in a podcast that’s all about looking after the people who look after your clients.

“We put so much emphasis in real estate on being on 24/7, but that’s not great for our health. And the big thing is if we are able to have time to have rest, to have play outside of work with interests and hobbies that fill our cups, then we are going to be better workers in our workplace.” – Gail Richards.

Gail and Cassandra also discuss:

  • The unique position Key 2 Sale has in the local market and how they created a point of difference.
  • Why Gail believes wellbeing is essential in real estate and how she began embracing it within her business.
  • The surprise addition in the Key 2 Sale office that Gail created just for her staff and how it helps them relax, connect and enjoy a positive culture.
  • How Gail is systemising wellbeing in the business, including a new strategy called ‘rest, play, recovery’.
  • Why Gail engaged a mentor for her team and how it helps ensure their wellbeing while holding them accountable.
  • How a focus on wellbeing also benefits an agency’s clients, and why it helps them connect with their community.
  • The clear results that a focus on wellbeing provides, including a positive workplace culture, happier clients and greater staff retention.
  • Gail’s tips for embracing wellbeing in a business, including how and where to get started.

And much, much more…

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