Our Own Set of Keys

Regular contributor Dave Eller says that you need to connect with success by first connecting with your goals.

Thursday morning is when we go to the farmers market to buy some organic fruit and vegetables for the week, grab some breaky, a coffee, and fresh flowers to brighten the house. My wife, son and I take our time to meander around the stalls; we really enjoy the casual and relaxed atmosphere, bumping into people we know for a chat, then finding a patch of grass to soak up some early sun. No rush, no stress, no checkout registers.

Each week sees one or two different musicians playing their tunes, keeping the crowd entertained, and selling their CD’s. Today we listened to the talents of Juzzie Smith; a one-man band; a musical maestro. With guitar on lap, he plays the harmonica while sitting on a stomp box with both feet working different sounds. As a treat, he throws around three juggling balls to the beat, which double as shakers, adding to the beautiful sound he produces.

In addition to the visual display of skill, he rolls out some pretty nice melodies with some prophetic lyrics. In one song, Juzzie sings… “I have found what I’ve been looking for…….my own set of keys”.

Have you ever, even once, lost your keys….or spent some time looking for them? Not having your keys obviously stops you from getting in the car and going to wherever it was you were going. It can leave you feeling stranded, frustrated, and annoyed. I am usually pretty good as I tend to keep my keys in a designated spot; but every now and then……… “Honey, have you seen my keys?”

I remember looking for my keys one particular time: I was in a hurry, getting flustered, and just could not think where my keys were. I stopped, took a deep breath and mustered up the last bit of sanity I had left. As I went to rub the tightness building up in my forehead, I found what I was looking for; my keys were in my hand. A little annoyed at myself, a little embarrassed, I was amazed at how easy it can be to overlook the very thing that you require.

Our own set of keys open up doors that are important to us: Having the right set of keys also opens up the doors of opportunity. Sometimes, when opportunity knocks, the door is locked, and WE are the ones who need to unlock it.

One of the simplest and most fundamental keys to success that is available to each and every one of us right now is the ability to write down some goals. Goals are what we need to achieve in order to obtain success, no matter what that success is. They are like a roadmap to help guide us to our destination; because we will never get there if we don’t know where we are going. Your success could be right under your nose and you can’t even smell it.

Having goals and writing them down is an extremely big part of success – in whatever you wish to be successful in. Surprisingly however, only three per cent of the population write their goals down.

Human potential expert Brian Tracy once said, “I know of very few poor people with goals, and very few rich people without them.”

We are already a good way into 2014. Are you planning to have a good year? Is there success in the stars for you? What would you like to have achieved by the time December rolls around?

So grab a piece of paper and a pen, write down your goals; get some clarity around where you are going. Here is a F.R.E.S.H idea to assist you to achieve a more balanced approach….

  • Put your goals into 5 different categories: Finances, Relationships, Employment, Spirituality, Health (FRESH).
  • Write two or three in each category (Some may have more, some less. Everyone will have differing ideas on how many they can and should have in each category).
  • Ensure that you have strong reasons behind each goal. This will drive you to fulfill them.
  • Keep them close by so you can review them constantly to make sure you stay on track.

You may plan to begin saving 10% of your income, become a more effective listener in relationships, increase your sales by 25%, start meditating, or get up half an hour earlier to go for a run.

By doing this process, you will unlock a door that was previously closed. So there is no need to look for your keys; the keys to success are already in your hand.

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Dave Eller

Dave Eller is Australia’s leading Connection Coach for real estate sales professionals - connecting them with passion, success and work / life balance. He is a Licensed Agent, Auctioneer and nationally qualified industry trainer, for more information visit