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‘One-stop’ CRM software designed for real estate

The ctcProperty platform is offering agents a one-stop solution that includes mobility built into the full life cycle of a busy agent. It covers the selling process, incorporating among other things lead generation, property appraisal, marketing of listings, an inspection app, vendor reporting and sales trust, in a single user-friendly space.

ctcProperty is a software platform designed specifically for the real estate industry. It features access to CoreLogic data within its workflows and is built on the Salesforce platform for easy integration with further apps and tools. The software streamlines agent workflow and improves productivity while catering to “the modern real estate agent and the future”. Its features include prospecting, lead generation, mobile appraisal capability, simplified reporting, outstanding and informative dashboards, exchange and settlement capabilities, and the sales trust accounting module.

Managing Director Peter Hutchison explained the ctcProperty vision was to provide a modern and integrated solution for the busy agent who values data and information to generate more listings and manage the full life cycle of real estate.

“We are seeing a prevalence of small tactical bespoke tools coming onto the market. There seems to be a new one each week.

“When we talk to the agents they are confused about the tools they need and feel like they need to jump on the bandwagon with these tools, all the time pushing up their cost of technology.

“Our vision is to provide one solution that offers the industry the core of what they need in one place. It’s fully mobile, with the reliability of an enterprise platform from Salesforce that is always there, reliable and secure.”

The ctcProperty team designed the software to cater equally well to the single agent office or large franchise. They worked with the real estate industry, testing the product to ensure it could competently handle the life cycle of busy agencies, while also allowing agents to generate more listings and manage them effectively.

The software is “fully mobile out-of-the-box”, which includes mobile reports and dashboards, giving the agent and manager real-time analytics on the road.

Meanwhile, it offers CoreLogic data and integrates with a widely used marketing service and an e-conveyancing system.

The use of the Salesforce cloud platform allows access to further tools, integrations and innovation.

In 2018, the team will incorporate artificial intelligence and big data to assist agents in predicting consumer behaviour.

“… incorporating our current functionality, along with a number of planned innovations – all in one place, on one platform for a very competitive subscription fee – will be attractive to agents,” Mr Hutchison explained.

“We want to give the real estate industry a new and modern tool that increases listings and income generation and improves engagement between the agents and their clients.  We are excited about the huge benefits our product brings.”

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Cassandra Charlesworth

Cassandra Charlesworth is a features writer for Elite Agent Magazine with over 15 years’ journalism experience in metropolitan and regional newsrooms. She has a specialist interest in real estate, tech disruption and a good old-fashioned “yarn”.