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One month later: A founder’s perspective on Elite Retreat 2023

As the leader of a PropTech platform you might think I have a fair idea about cutting edge technology, but when Elite Retreat 2023 brought together some of the brightest minds in and outside of the real estate industry, with a heavy focus on AI, there was plenty to learn and takeaway.

The insights and discussions that unfolded during the conference left a profound impact on my vision for the future of our platform and the industry as a whole.

One key theme that resonated deeply with me was the dynamic dialogue between two prominent figures: Jeff Turner and John Foong.

They presented some slightly divergent perspectives on the role of AI and emerging technologies in shaping the real estate sales industry.

Jeff’s fervent endorsement of AI’s potential to revolutionise the sector stood in contrast to John’s slightly more cautious stance, influenced by his experience with the hype surrounding past technologies like Google Glass and Blockchain.

Jeff’s enthusiasm for AI’s transformative power was infectious.

He highlighted the unprecedented opportunities that AI can bring to the table, streamlining processes, enhancing customer experiences, and unlocking untapped potential in the real estate market.

As a proponent of leveraging technology to drive innovation, I found Jeff’s vision truly inspiring, as it aligns closely with my company’s core values.

On the other hand, John’s reflections provided essential perspective.

It is vital to approach new technologies with a discerning eye, considering both their potential benefits and limitations.

His cautionary tale serves as a reminder that not every hyped technology may deliver on its promises, and it is crucial to navigate the ever-changing landscape with prudence.

Being in the middle of these two competing thoughts at Elite Retreat 2023 was enlightening.

It made me realise that the way forward lies in striking a balance between embracing innovation and acknowledging the challenges that come with adopting new technologies.

As the real estate industry and the PropTech sector continues to evolve, the key will be to strategically integrate and use AI to enhance what we do with human productivity and ingenuity.

While AI offers immense potential, we understand that it is not a magic bullet and must be employed judiciously.

Our focus will always be on leveraging technology to augment human capabilities rather than replacing them entirely.

This should be the same approach for real estate offices as a whole. 

Elite Retreat 2023 was a transformative experience, driving home the significance of embracing change while remaining grounded in reality.

It was also just A LOT of fun – looking forward to 2024!

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Rhys Rogers

Rhys Rogers is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Before You Bid, a platform that helps connect buyers, sellers, agents and conveyancers with reputable due diligence.

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