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Oliver Bowler: Referral and repeat clients drive my business

Years in the industry? 
Seven, I started at Ouwens Casserly in April 2013.

What’s a special place in your local area? 
Norwood Oval. I was born on Woods Street and love the buzz of the parade on a Friday night when the footy is on. The atmosphere at the oval and the surrounding pubs and restaurants can’t be beaten.

Did you choose real estate or did real estate choose you? 
I really just fell into it. I had a drink with a friend in 2012 who had just got into the industry (and was actually working at OC at the time) and was raving about the organisation and the industry as a whole. The next day I signed up for the next intake of students at REISA.

First sale? 
A 1970s home in Glen Osmond. It was sold after the second open to a young Chinese family.

The vendor of that property is now someone I consider a good mate and have sold for him half a dozen times since. He has been a great referrer and someone who has helped leverage my business to the position it is in today.

Most memorable sale? 
A cottage in Norwood in 2016. Very tricky, had quite a few little idiosyncrasies that turned buyers away. I had quoted a price that was towards the top end for what it was, but really believed we could achieve that mark.

Two days before offers closing I met a buyer who was looking to start a business from their home and some of the things that annoyed other buyers, were perfect for them. The deal got done the next day for above what the vendor and I both thought we could get.

What type of business do you focus on?
I like to work with like-minded people. Adelaide is often referred to as the 20 minute city, so although I do mainly service the Eastern suburbs, I will go anywhere for a client who will listen to my recommendations and wants to work with me. Referral and repeat clients are what drives my business.

What’s the most important part of your day? 
Our job is selling houses, so the key components of that are the most vital.

The four key pillars of my day are prospecting for new business, listing properties, selling current properties, and keeping deals together. Everything else is a byproduct of one of these four things.

Challenge for the industry? 
Living in an age of disruption, as an industry we need to focus on providing world class service so our consumers don’t look elsewhere for different options to sell their homes.

Uber wiped out the taxi industry in much the same way that AirBnB has disrupted the travel industry. We need to stay ahead of the potential disrupters by giving people a higher level of service

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 
I’m lucky at OC to have been given so many opportunities working alongside great agents with plenty of experience.

Narrowing it down to the single best piece of advice is tricky. Never being keener to sell than your vendor is the one that sticks out for me. I refer back to this regularly.

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