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Off-market listings app changing how WA buys and sells property

With an increasing number of sellers enquiring about off-market listings, an app has been modified to provide West Australians with a new and discreet way to buy and sell property which may not otherwise come to market.

REIWA CEO Neville Pozzi said due to the current economic conditions many people were looking for cost-effective and productive ways to buy and sell property, and the itrack app was proving to be a popular solution in WA.

“By allowing a seller to list their property as an off-market listing, they can better gauge buyer interest levels, especially when they are unsure about the market at the moment and are reluctant to start spending money on an advertising campaign,” Mr Pozzi explained.

“For REIWA real estate agents, the app helps enhance productivity, providing a platform for them to connect better with interested buyers and build strong relationships with sellers.”

The Agency WA General Manager Stuart Cox said they have embraced the technology since day one, with the results speaking for themselves.

“Using cloud-based software and industry-leading tools enables agents to provide an effective level of service to their clients,” Mr Cox said.

“This is why The Agency is pleased to also team up with iTrack to facilitate clients’ needs in the most cost-effective way.”

He said The Agency recognised the benefits of being able to upload an off-market listing, with agents able to upload as much or as little information as the seller wants.

Once a listing matches the criteria that a buyer has subscribed to, a buyer and agent can start communicating directly about the property.

Gavin Hegney Property Company Director Gavin Hegney said buyers are always wanting to know everything that is happening in a campaign.

“For buyers not only is this a great way to find out about homes that are for sale in their chosen area and price range whilst receiving campaign updates and market insights, it also allows them to be amongst the first to view properties that are not listed to the broader public,” he said.

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