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NSW property transfer of 18,000 homes welcomed by CHP Sector

Today’s announcement by the NSW Baird Government of a long lease property transfer of 18,000 homes is welcomed by Australian CHPs for taking a forward thinking and common sense approach to providing better social housing outcomes.

PowerHousing Australia which represents 27 of Australia’s largest Community Housing Providers (CHPs) said that our members are already working with property transfer in other State and are ready in NSW to more sustainably improve housing provision for thousands of Australians.

PowerHousing Australia CEO Nicholas Proud today said “this property transfer decision will improve housing outcomes for tenants, support better delivery of housing services from the Government and acknowledges community views that housing actually matters.

“Social housing budgets have been stretched at the State level for some time but this approach takes away some of that escalating cost that rests with taxpayers for meeting mounting administration, asset management and maintenance costs.

“PowerHousing members will need to look closely at the type of property that is being transferred under this decision as it will come with maintenance and operational budget requirements, but the CHP sector is best placed today with the capacity and resources to get on with making the transfer a success.

“CHPs are seen by tenants as providing the highest level of satisfaction levels from property transfer in several states and there are education and employment spinoffs that will come from innovative delivery proposals that will be forthcoming from CHPs in this latest round that are international best practice.

“What the Baird Government is doing here today is saying that the provision of housing really matters and recognises that housing is such a key issue to our communities.

“The involvement of not for profit CHPs such as PowerHousing members, the residential development industry, Government and this policy is critical to housing provision at the margins, particularly as more Australians than ever before face challenges in buying, renting or simply finding long term housing,” said Mr Proud.

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