New agency set to deliver top rewards to sales agents

As the new year and a new decade kicks off, one real estate industry leader has seized the opportunity to reshape the real estate industry with the introduction of a new agency with a twist.

Agency HQ – which allows sales agents to build their own real estate business without the usual financial risks and set-up hassles – is the brainchild of former McGrath and Harcourts executive Mark Morrison.

Mr Morrison said while the current agency model creates considerable wealth and cashflow for principals via the rent roll, it isn’t meeting the needs of sales agents and independent contractors, who are working long hours but aren’t necessarily progressing financially.

“Sales volumes are volatile, property values have dropped, commissions are under pressure, agent earnings have fallen, and competition is fiercer than ever before,” Mr Morrison said.

“It’s time for a change – and Agency HQ is taking an innovative approach to agency practice that diverges from the current model in a fundamental way.”

While many sales agents dream of some day creating their own real estate business, Mr Morrison said for most, it remains a dream.

He said start-up costs are high, putting systems and processes in place is difficult, recruiting the best support team is time-consuming and expensive, and there is potential for debt and losses.

“Sales agents are looking for a quality alternative. They want far better rewards, they want more support, and they want to create meaningful wealth for themselves,” Mr Morrison said.

“Agency HQ provides all this and more.”

In addition to lucrative commissions and industry-leading support and mentoring, Agency HQ provides agents with an opportunity to create personal wealth by building their own rent roll.

“Property management isn’t an area that sales agents have traditionally been involved in, because the wealth generated by a rent roll has been solely reserved for agency owners,” Mr Morrison said.

“Agency HQ turns this current state of affairs on its head by offering sales agents the same wealth-creation opportunity.

By unlocking the potential in your database, you can start to build your own rent roll – 100 per cent owned by you, with no investment, no losses and no running hassles because it’s completely managed by Agency HQ’s rental arm on your behalf.”

To support this vision, Mark has brought together a formidable line-up of partners at a national level, as well as a team of advisors and property management professionals, and a highly trained and skilled agency support team.

Agency HQ offices have already opened in Sydney and Brisbane, and there are plans to branch out into Victoria.

“Our single-minded focus is to genuinely help agents take their real estate career to the next level,” he said.

“At Agency HQ, our motto is ‘tomorrow’s place’. We’re tomorrow’s place for your client’s property dreams and we’re tomorrow’s place for your career.”

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