New boutique agency in Noosa taps UrbanX platform

Working with a team of like-minded professionals in a prime location is the aspiration for many. Noosa Estate Agents – the newest boutique agency on Queensland’s glorious Sunshine Coast – ticks those boxes and mor.

Launched at the start of October, Noosa Estate Agents is an alliance of three high-profile operators within the Noosa property arena – Nathan Howie, Scott Cowley, and Kelsie Melville.

While the business itself is newly minted, it has taken its owners decades to reach this point. All are long-term locals, who have carved out their own unique careers in one of Australia’s most dynamic real estate markets.

“If you combine our credentials, we have sold over $400 million worth of property in Noosa and have 45 years of real estate experience,” explained co-founder and agent, Nathan Howie.

“That’s what we bring to this venture, which we’re proud to call our own”.

The agency is definitely greater than the sum of its well-credentialled parts, with all three associates having forged their bond working closely as part of team in their previous roles.

“But there comes a time to move forward professionally,” Mr Howie continued.

“We have a lot of years ahead of us and what better opportunity, particularly during COVID, to have a reset and self-evaluate about where we’re going and what we have planned for the future.

“We’re pretty tight knit and have always worked well together. We’ve never really been competitive with each other, more like we have always had each other’s back.”

Noosa Estate Agents is founded on the principal of having an intimate understanding of the local clientele, the region and changing market conditions. The trio have identified the need for a new approach.

“There’s a lot of competition here in Noosa – around 250 agents – but clients deserve an alternative, particularly in terms of quality service and innovative marketing strategies.

“Personal service and attention to detail has been largely lost in the local industry over the years… that old-school approach to clients.

“We think many agents have probably become a little content and too transaction based, and we want to provide a better experience.

“We own property here, but we love to live the lifestyle – playing golf, socialising, water sports and just taking in all that Noosa has on offer,” Mr Howie said.

“We’re fortunate enough to have a great network of friends and associates and love dealing with like-minded people.

“I think we are all very approachable and quite genuine too. People are already enjoying our journey and supporting us under this new brand.”

Of course, networks and talent will only take you so far when starting a business. Fortunately, Noosa Estate Agents found their logistical solution in the UrbanX platform and its CEO, Dan Argent.

“We officially launched just six weeks after deciding to hit ‘go’ with the support of UrbanX’s large administrative and marketing team,” Mr Howie said.

“To be able to set up a new business so quickly and with such excellent support was incredible.

“UrbanX provide us with flexibility thanks to their exceptional staff and technical platforms. This helps to free up a lot of time for us, so we are able to focus on what we do best – list, market and sell property.

“Technology has taken over and, when used correctly, is a powerful tool that assists us in providing the best possible services and results for our clients.

“We’ve enjoyed this experience of creating a brand that is connected to our community and offers the style of marketing that properties in this area deserve.

“We’re confident that Noosa will embrace our venture and we look forward to serving the local area for many years to come.”

For more information, visit www.urbanx.io

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