New app reconnects property managers with tenants from a distance

The strict social distancing measures imposed nationally by the Government in response to COVID-19 have created a major dilemma for property managers.

Their inability to conduct routine inspections, review reported or completed maintenance issues, and interview new tenants leaves them unable to fulfill their obligations to landlords and ensure the safety of tenants. 

In response to this dilemma, an Australian software solutions company has fast-tracked the release of a purpose-built digital live streaming App called KONECT.

Tested by numerous property managers, the high definition video streaming and recording software has been touted a “life-saver” as it will help business owners maintain their rent roll and compliance requirements while their staff are operating remotely.

Most importantly, it will protect the health and safety of property management staff and tenants during the current health crisis.

Director of First National Basso on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Paul Basso, said: “This solution will be an absolute game-changer and life-saver right now. I can’t wait!”

KONECT allows the property manager to initiate or schedule a higher definition, securely encrypted session to discuss, view and record any issue, conversation or inspection with the tenant.

This means the property manager can enable the tenant to show them any issues or direct them to facilitate a property inspection as they walk through the property from room to room, asking them to focus in on key aspects in accordance with the information required.

The software also includes a number of additional features, such as an option to record, download and securely store the video footage and the ability to take and store HD photos during the video session.

The secure cloud-based storage feature is a major benefit of the App because it means the information stored can be used for long-term reference and will stand up at Tribunal or a court of law if necessary. 

KONECT founder and CEO, Phil Oakes said the App has been carefully designed to assist property managers in a variety of ways so they can fulfill their necessary duties safely and efficiently.

“For inspections, it currently allows them to record a tenant facilitated session, taking whatever photos they need,” Mr Oakes explained.

“Very soon this will be further enhanced with agency branding, extracted contacts lists, photos automatically linked to rooms that can be modified and shared with inspection devices, plus so much more.”

To further assist with routine inspections, KONECT is offering two additional options:

  1. A transcription service to convert the video to an editable written inspection; and
  2. A complete service to outsource the entire virtual inspection and documentation process to a member of their team.

Available now in Australia and New Zealand for a monthly subscription starting from $14.95 per month, KONECT is the ideal solution to help property managers and business owners adapt to the current health and economic crisis and ensure they are ready to hit the ground running when things return to normal.

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