MoxiWorks acquires Aussie CRM ActivePipe

Leading US-based real estate technology platform, MoxiWorks, has announced the acquisition of Australian lead nurturing platform ActivePipe.

ActivePipe operates in four countries and supports 2500 mortgage brokers and more than 40,000 real estate agents. ActivePipe will join the MoxiWorks product suite, which includes a range of tools to assist real estate agents and currently has more than 400,000 active users in the US.

ActivePipe Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Ash Farrugia said the company was incredibly excited to be joining MoxiWorks and that Australian users shouldn’t see any changes.

“We would expect no change for our Australian customers, MoxiWorks are really excited about the Australian market, so much so they are continuing to invest in product development and growth for both real estate and mortgage broking,” Mr Farrugia said.

“From their perspective, ActivePipe will remain a key tool for agents and mortgage brokers and they want to continue providing those services.”

Mr Farrugia will take up a new role within MoxiWorks focusing on product development and will look to continue to improve ActivePipe.

“My role is to become the chief product officer for MoxiWorks globally, which I’m excited about,” he said.

“I haven’t had a role where I’ve been able to focus on one thing for many years.

“I’ve been in my own startups since I was 18 years old. I’m very excited about building the product vision that the company can rally behind and therefore deliver value back into the market.”

Mr Farrugia said MoxiWorks had always had a focus on building great teams, which is why he felt the platform would be a good fit for ActivePipe.

“It was the right fit because we looked at it from a people perspective,” he said.

“We have 120 staff that were passionate about solving problems and empowering technology in the hands of agents and mortgage brokers.

“The foundation of ActivePipe was built around providing an environment and culture where people could come in and work at ActivePipe and it would play a significant role in career progression and growth opportunities.

“When we first started, we felt that if we just create that environment, that’s all we have to do.

“As a result of the acquisition, we’re now a team of 300 with the Moxworks combined team, so it opens up a whole lot of opportunities for the team and culture.”

Mr Farrugia said the merger would mean ActivePipe sat within a platform that could service customer needs from the top of the funnel to the back office.

After years spent getting the company off the ground, Mr Farrugia said he always had confidence the business would succeed.

“I’m one of those founders who will make something work no matter what, so I always had confidence that we’d get there,” he said.

“We didn’t expect this to happen – it was a funding round that ended up being an acquisition.

“Bu we had a high level of confidence, and we’ve always been focused on delivering value to our customers.

“I’ve spent my entire life building business so it will be nice to get some sleep at night and just be able to focus on one area or one department of the business and that’s product and product delivery.

“That’s always been my strength. At ActivePIpe, we never had a product officer, it was always me at the forefront on the product side, and I’ve got a high level of confidence that I can help deliver that for MoxiWorks.”

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