Michelle Stephens on standing out from the crowd, believing in yourself when you’re young and achieving success as a volume agent

For the third year in a row, Michelle Stephens has won the AREAs gong for Top Agent in Victoria. In this episode of The Elevate Podcast, she talks about her journey to becoming one of the top agents in the country, how she started when she was just 20 and how to build a powerful brand in any area.

The fact that Michelle Stephens sold a home on her wedding day, shows just how dedicated and passionate she is about real estate.

The award-winning sales agent from OBrien Real Estate, Carrum Downs, has built an enviable career through hard work and always doing what she can to help her vendors.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with Elite Agent Managing Editor, Samantha McLean, Michelle reveals how she launched her sales career as a 20-year-old and the unique challenges she’s had to overcome in her climb to the top.

She discusses why you have to have an unshakable belief in what you’re doing, especially when you’re young, the key qualities agents need to have to survive and thrive, and why you shouldn’t listen to motivational speakers and just focus on being a sales agent instead.

Michelle also explains why digital marketing is so powerful in building your brand and how to overcome negative thoughts and achieve your goals.

“We spend so much time doing what we do. We live it, we breathe it. So you have to have a real passion for it, and you have to have a passion for actually wanting to help people.” – Michelle Stephens

Sam and Michelle also discuss:

  • 1:45 – Passion for property: Discover how Michelle’s genuine desire to help people became her gateway to a thriving real estate career.
  • 5:35 – Young and credible: Tips to swiftly gain trust and maintain momentum when you are new to the industry.
  • 6:47 – Mastering market dynamics: Crafting a sales strategy that resonates with your unique market.
  • 9:14 – Must-have traits: The core qualities that differentiate top real estate agents from the rest.
  • 11:47 – Authenticity over hype: Why staying true to yourself trumps generic motivational advice in real estate.
  • 15:25 – Michelle’s edge: Exclusive strategies that help Michelle and her team stand out in a competitive market.
  • 17:17 – The power of team synergy: How everyone playing to their strengths amplifies everyone’s potential (and performance).
  • 19:16 – Market trends: The impact of tight listings on the current market and a sneak peek into what Michelle sees as the upcoming spring shifts.
  • 22:01 – The ‘top agent’ advantage: Unraveling how a run of genuine accolades can supercharge your listing presentations.
  • 24:34 – Unyielding motivation: Finding inspiration to hit new goals year after year.
  • 28:04 – Resilience redefined: How to transform rejection into motivation and eliminate self-doubt for unstoppable progress.


Michelle Stephens

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.