Maximising potential: Haesley Cush talks partnering, succession and investing in the dreams of your team

Some principals might find an ambitious agent with business aspirations a threat. But that’s not the case for Ray White New Farm co-principal Haesley Cush. Here he explains why he relishes the chance to unearth potential leaders in his team then provides them with the support, training, and experience they need to build a business as a successful succession partnership.

Haesley Cush and Matt Lancashire are rightly regarded as one of the most successful partnerships in real estate.

Together they’ve made Ray White New Farm the top Ray White office in Queensland while also expanding their business to encompass additional areas such as Bulimba and East Brisbane.

What might be less well-known is this expansion is often part of a succession plan, where Haesley and Matt tap the talents of their own team and guide them towards their personal business ambitions.

The plan sees them identify the business dreams of their agents, foster the necessary leadership skills, help set them up financially, and then partner with them for a period as an agent launches their own office.

The pair then step away when the business is profitable and established, in a move that Haesley notes is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

In this edition of Elevate with podcast producer Cass Charlesworth, Haesley walks through the elements of a successful succession partnership, including the benefits for both existing business owners and the members of their team.

He outlines the skills they look for in future business partners, the values that make those partnerships work, and the guidance they deliver to ensure new offices attain success.

Haesley also explains why a succession plan is a great way of fostering talent within your own business, along with outlining the mutually beneficial skills that each party brings to the deal.

In a podcast that’s part business best practice and part insight into Haseley’s highly successful career, he discusses the personal lessons he learnt when he first went into business along with the mistakes he made along the way, and shares an insight into why he’s gone from partnership opponent to avid partnership fan.

And – as it’s the ever-enigmatic Haesley Cush – you better believe you’re in for an entertaining, yet down-to-earth ride that showcases leadership ability, speaks to the ambition of the industry and highlights the skills needed for business success.

 “Our succession journey is, we want to partner with people that want to open businesses. We want to provide them all the value they need for the things they don’t have and then eventually, we do a partnership agreement. The day you don’t want us is the day we will leave.” Haesley Cush

Haesley and Cass also discuss:

  • What makes an agent a potential business leader, and why it’s got nothing to do with their ability to sell real estate.
  • Why established business owners are well-positioned to guide their agents towards their business ambitions, and how doing so can be mutually beneficial.
  • Which skills each member of a partnership needs to bring to the table, and how to forge a relationship that results in business success.
  • How to guide talented agents towards their own business success by fostering the skills they need and offering them the support they require.
  • The business pitfalls that a partnership with experienced operators can help an agent overcome when it comes to starting their own venture.
  • Why Haesley’s ultimate aim is to see his agents succeed in their own business, and when he knows it’s the right time to walk away in the knowledge they’re ready to go it alone.
  • The lessons Haesley learned when he first went into business, and how he prevents the agents he works with from repeating his mistakes.
  • How Haesley and Matt Lancashire complement each other’s strengths, and the guidelines that ensure their partnership remains steadfast.

And much much more…

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