Mastering the digital interview with Chris Helder

In an online world, the ‘digital interview’ has the potential to make or break an agent’s connection with their customer. And it’s this arena that international speaker and body language expert Chris Helder will be focusing on when he joins the expert line-up at Digital Live 2018.

Looking specifically at the medium of video, Mr Helder will offer agents all they need to know when it comes to conducting themselves using effective communication while creating dynamic video content.

“My area of expertise is how agents are able to bring their personal brand to digital communication. I’ll be teaching how in terms of presentation, eye contact, voice inflection, energy levels and message sending.

“We’re going to challenge agents to crank up what’s going to be captivating and interesting in the face-to-face communication of video.”

With video emerging as one of the hot-ticket marketing trends, Mr Helder says agents need to be able to use it more effectively throughout their business.

From Facebook Live to professionally-produced video, he says the art is in ensuring they have targeted a specific audience, include a call to action and keep their message personable yet short and sweet.

And he offers the following advice for agents harnessing the power of Facebook Live:

  • Know your audience
  • Know your outcome
  • Be clear about the one message you want to send
  • Include a call to action
  • Overall, make sure your video is driven from a place of energy.

“In short, be interesting. It’s about authenticity and knowledge. People want real and informed.

“Everyone needs to understand people are making a decision or narrowing down a shortlist before they even meet you. Your digital presentation determines whether or not you get the call. You’ve got to be world-class.”

This year sees Mr Helder return to Digital Live for the second year running, and he notes he was impressed with last year’s results.

“Agents walked away with tens of ideas to implement that were actionable. They walked away clear about what they had to do.”

Digital Live 2018 is a comprehensive six-month program where 100 agents will be given the skills, mentoring, feedback and tools to stand out in the crowded digital arena.

It includes live events in Sydney and Brisbane, followed by a six-month training program.

You can learn more about Digital Live 2018 here.

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Cassandra Charlesworth

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