Mastering the basics: Anthony Webb on leadership, 50 years of family business, and what it takes to go the distance

Ever pondered how a real estate agency thrives in the long-term, passing from one generation to another? As the second-generation leader of a 50-year-old family business, Philip Webb Real Estate CEO Anthony Webb shares his insight.

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If you’d told Anthony Webb at 16 he would one day lead the family real estate business, he would have scoffed at the idea.

But when a holiday job in real estate turned part-time then full-time, the second-generation agent quickly found his niche.

Now Anthony heads up one of Victoria’s major independent agencies as the Chief Executive Officer of Philip Webb Real Estate.

Boasting a rent roll of about 6000 properties, a large sales team and 120 staff, it’s a brand that’s come a long way from the agency his father started half a century ago, aged just 19.

The business might have increased, their market might have changed but the philosophy that made Philip Webb a success in those early days largely remains the same.

In this Elevate podcast, Anthony shares an insight into that philosophy, along with the leadership lessons he’s learned as a second-generation business owner.

He also discusses the things he wishes he had known earlier in his career, the big challenges facing the industry right now, and how Philip Webb Real Estate navigated the lengthy lockdowns of Melbourne along with major industry change.

“Young agents these days are looking for the partnership, they’re looking for the flash car when what they really need to do, and what I had to learn, was that it really comes down to making sure that you are a master at the basics – making sure that you’re doing it every day and just really learning and practising as much as you possibly can because you can’t just wing life and you can’t wing real estate either,” – Anthony Webb.

Samantha and Anthony also discuss:

  • The power of a great rent roll and how it protects your business
  • Why successful leadership is about working with each individual in your team differently
  • How Anthony’s career in real estate actually started at six-years-old and involved a  major bonus
  • Why his current major focus is on creating pathways and developing future leaders within his business
  • How his father’s real estate experience informs Anthony’s career and approach to people
  • Why listening is the most important skill real estate agents need to learn
  • The three major promises that continue to underpin Philip Webb’s real estate success and how his father used them to start a business at only 19.
  • Why it’s critical to master each step of the real estate journey and how that benefits an agent’s career.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.