Master strategist: Fiona Blayney on solving the property management talent puzzle, amplifying revenue in a turbulent market, and propelling your business forward with venture capitalist thinking

In a climate where uncertainty reigns, Fiona Blayney stands as a beacon, redefining resilience in property management, delivering a masterclass in talent acquisition and revenue growth that turns challenging conditions into a launching pad for business success.

In a fluctuating market, strategic innovation in property management is not just necessary; it’s imperative.

One person who is used to pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo is Real+ CEO Fiona Blayney.

As today’s guest on the Elevate podcast, hosted by Samantha McLean, Fiona leads you through the labyrinth of how to help your business not just survive, but thrive, amid the difficult economic climate, the housing crisis and unsettled property management landscape.

Fiona helps you solve the complex talent crisis with innovative recruitment strategies, while simultaneously revealing how using more positive language in your office can open the door to a cultural mindset shift that supercharges your productivity.

She also lets listeners in on how to navigate the volatile climate that is seeing investors sell up in high numbers and the revenue roadmap you can use to power your success.

Fiona and Samantha also discuss empathetic marketing strategies, how venture capitalist thinking can aid your business and why education could be the lynchpin for future property investment.

“Why have you got this business in the first place? What were you hoping to achieve, at its core? Are you in alignment with that and is the achievement of that ‘why’ actually possible under the current circumstances? And do we need to adjust the ‘why’ or do we need to adjust you in the business?” – Fiona Blayney

Sam and Fiona also discuss:

  • 02:16 Productivity unleashed: Fiona ditches ‘busy’ for ‘productive’, unlocking a mindset revolution that supercharges efficiency.
  • 05:32 The talent puzzle: Why finding exceptional talent is tough and transformative hiring strategies that will elevate your property management business to new heights.
  • 08:58 Strategy evolution: How global challenges have demanded innovative business strategies and the tactics you can use to future-proof your business.
  • 11:01 Revenue revolution: Fiona’s creative goldmines to transform your approach and amplify revenue despite a turbulent market.
  • 14:51 The Australian Dream reimagined: Navigate the labyrinth of property investment and home ownership, including how you can lead your clients to real estate rewards.
  • 18:04 Purpose-driven success: Rediscover and realign your business ‘why’. How to forge deeper connections with your goals, supercharging your journey to real estate success.
  • 18:38 Financial mastery for growth: Uncover how a profound understanding of financial data can catapult your business towards greater profitability.
  • 24:00 Empathetic marketing: How to sensitively and effectively market your successes, turning challenges into triumphs in a tenant-sensitive landscape.
  • 29:41 Winning vibes: The secrets to cultivating a thriving business environment with victories in culture, compliance and outsourcing to power up your business.
  • 34:42 Venture into bold strategies: How to propel your business with venture capitalist thinking.
  • 37:00 Knowledge hustle: Fiona’s strategies for lifelong learning, including what she’s reading and listening to right now.
  • 38:01 Time treasure: Transformative strategies to optimise your time, maximise its value and amplify your impact with others.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.