Market Buy’s engine now available to brands

Online offer management platform, Market Buy now provides brands with the ability to ‘white label’ their software for a branded experience.

Chief Executive Officer John Hellaby explained the initiative allowed brands to create their own fully-branded online offer management platform, removing the risk and expense of developing the software independently.

“We can install the Market Buy engine into their brand, run and support the platform for them, allowing brands to take it to market as their own online offer management platform,” Mr Hellaby said.

“Now every real estate brand in the country can have their own online offer management platform, backed by the most powerful online offer management engine in the world.”

Noting Market Buy had offered the ability to customise their platform for some time, Mr Hellaby said in the wake of Covid, a branded experience was increasingly important for agencies and brands seeking to differentiate from the crowd.

“Instead of spending money on expensive development and roll-out, they can benefit from our multi-market experience that showcases market driven new features, and still achieve their own branded offer management platform.”

Mr Hellaby said benefits of using the Market Buy platform then customising it included cost and time savings, along with access to Market Buy’s extensive pool of data and analysis.

“It saves significant time and investment and allows companies to take advantage of speed to market afforded by rebranding an established platform,” he said.

“That Market Buy is already the most powerful and flexible offer management platform in the market is a huge advantage.”

And he noted that data and analysis was invaluable, allowing brands to see what happens inside each and every sale.

“This is something brands have never had before. It allows them to bring their business into the 21st century with incredible insight into each sale,” Mr Hellaby said.

Mr Hellaby explained customising the system to a brand’s individual needs was a process Market Buy is well practised in, and the Market Buy team can work with a brand to set up the software and then provide staff training.

A further benefit of opting to go with Market Buy is the ongoing training and support provided, Mr Hellaby continued.

“We work with brands to provide training and support well after their initial adoption of our software, whether that’s training entire offices, multi office sales teams or supporting key administrative staff within an organisation,” he said.

“We then provide the marketing support and there’s also buyer and seller education support as well.”

Mr Hellaby said the benefits of adopting an online offer management system like Market Buy were clear, with the platform proving a popular tool not only prior to but in the wake of Covid, with the efficiencies and transparency of it being embraced by agents, buyers and sellers as life returns to normal.

But it’s not just buyers and sellers who appreciate the convenience of the software.

“For brands and agencies alike, it is a tool to attract and retain agents,” Mr Hellaby said.

“It increases the speed and efficiency of how an agent operates, which frees them up to list and sell more.”

The data backs this up, with Chris Gilmour of All Properties Group recently awarded the REIQ Salesperson of the Year after achieving a massive 236 sales in 2021 using Market Buy exclusively as his sales support tool.

Mr Hellaby noted internal data indicated using Market Buy saves on average two hours per agent, per buyer and per sale.

“Market Buy’s software has taken years to develop into what our users experience today, we constantly review user behaviour across multiple markets,” he said.

“This enables us to offer world leading solutions backed by all the support so a brand can have the software tailored to them, flick a switch and have an online offer management system that is the most powerful in the world.”

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