Market Buy seeks to provide a listing presentation advantage

A great digital profile and solid reputation might get you through the door, but nothing secures a listing quite like the cold hard data of proven results, according to Market Buy’s John Hellaby.

A former agent himself, Mr Hellaby explained Market Buy provides all real estate clients with that data, with every sale on the platform compiled into a PDF report that can be used to showcase an agent’s proven results.

“When it comes to selecting an agent, seeing is believing for most vendors,” Mr Hellaby said.

“If you’re in someone’s lounge room and can hand over a dozen or so sales reports illustrating exactly what sales results you’ve achieved, it gives that vendor the evidence to choose.

“Nothing beats results when it comes to making an agent the obvious choice, and that’s exactly what Market Buy is providing to give our agents a real listing presentation advantage.”

Each report tracks key data including days on market and the price difference between the first and last offer, and Mr Hellaby noted it was designed as yet another asset agents could draw on when using the Market Buy platform.

It comes after Market Buy recently joined forces with Podium, allowing agents to seek immediate online reviews and client feedback once an offer is accepted.

Mr Hellaby noted both the ability to seek instant reviews via Podium and Market Buy’s inbuilt sales reports were part of Market Buy’s commitment to ensuring agents had the ability to stand out from the crowd and win the listing. 

“Our focus is assisting agents throughout the selling journey, and that’s what these two tools allow. 

“Now agents can attract more prospects through the online reviews courtesy of the Podium integration, then they stand a better chance of winning that listing with the data that our sales reports provide.

“After they win the listing they can then tailor the sales campaign to achieve the best possible result for their clients, and the circle is completed because they can instantly gain a great review for that result.”   

Mr Hellaby explained the Market Buy’s online offer management system offered agents incredible flexibility to tailor a sales campaign to each property and each client.

“It’s a platform that handles every type of sale,” he said.

“You can start the campaign as a closed tender to gauge market interest, then you might open it up to the top three buyers so they can see what offers are currently on the table.

“You could then set an end time and run it like an auction or open bidding for just two hours at which point the property might be sold for the best final offer.

“We see agents using Market Buy in all sorts of ways because it’s all about managing a property sale your way.”

Over recent months the use of Market Buy has accelerated, with the platform selling more properties in June than any month previously.

Meanwhile, Market Buy’s most recent state data has highlighted a series of interesting trends, with the volume of offers and price difference between first and last offer rising in many states in July.

With Sydney currently in lockdown, Market Buy’s data from New South Wales currently indicates the average difference between the first and last offer is $131, 500, while each sale attracts an average of 15.23 buyers and 35.25 offers.

Accounting for the period between July 1 and July 17, the most recent numbers are well up on Market Buy’s Q2 data for New South Wales, when the difference between first and last offer was $69,433.50, and each sale attracted an average of 7.93 buyers and 15.8 offers.

In Victoria, the numbers are also rising. The price difference between first and last offer rose from $71,061.33 in Q2 to $88,227 in July, while buyer numbers rose from an average of 9.81 in Q2 to 10.56 in July, and average offer numbers increased from 20.69 to 23.89.

Mr Hellaby explained the increase highlighted how pivotal the platform had become for buyers, sellers and agents operating in the uncertain conditions of snap lockdowns and COVID restrictions.

“Selling property under current conditions requires incredible flexibility, and that’s what Market Buy provides.

“We’re here to help agents right through the selling process – from the listing presentation through to a transparent, flexible and completely customised sale.”

More information about Market Buy is available here, while the platform is also running regular market update sessions called ‘Market Buy Live’ offering agents an insight into how they can use the tool to best effect. 

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