Making the news: Elizabeth Tilley on how to work with the media and why you should think big when it comes to marketing and editorial

Ever wondered why some properties make the news or a specific agent becomes a media commentator? Real estate editor, Elizabeth Tilley shares her tips.

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Australians simply can’t get enough of real estate and the stories behind it, and they’re seeking it everywhere they can – from newspapers to news sites, magazines, liftouts and beyond.

So, as an agent, how do you tap this trend, work with the media and gain coverage for your listing and brand?

Elizabeth Tilley is the Queensland real estate editor for News Corp – one of Australia’s largest media conglomerates with a reach that spans metropolitan mastheads, local papers, digital news sites and a major stake in realestate.com.au.

Each day she lives and breathes real estate news, working with agents to share the stories of properties, provide market commentary, and feed a nation’s hunger for all things property related.

In this Elevate podcast, Elizabeth shares her advice on how agents can work with the media, including what makes a great story and the ways agents can help have that story told.

She notes there are different ingredients that go into a truly compelling news piece and they go far beyond what’s in a listing write-up.

Exclusivity, uniqueness, a high potential price are just some of the deciding factors, but so is an interesting backstory about the owner or a fascinating history of the property.

Elizabeth also provides a look behind the scenes at exactly how News Corp’s real estate coverage works, including all the different avenues where real estate agents can make the news, the difference between print and digital stories, and why auction coverage is the new national sport.

She provides great tips on how agents can help get a story across the news line and the data that allows News Corp to determine exactly what their readers want.

But most importantly she urges agents who believe they have a story to reach out and make contact with one of her team.

“There’s no such thing as a dumb story…Don’t be afraid to reach out by email or phone and let us know what you’re working on, who you’re working with – any kind of interesting thing. We’ll tell you if it’s not newsworthy.” Elizabeth Tilley.

Samantha and Elizabeth also discuss:

  • The common ingredients of a great real estate news story and why it’s all about what’s different, interesting and perhaps even quirky
  • How agents can create a mini media kit to help get a property story across the line
  • The ways you can make your potential story stand out from a crowd of newsroom emails
  • Why it’s better to pick up the phone or make contact than presume a story isn’t newsworthy
  • How News Corp’s data and insight can help you shape a great marketing campaign across print and digital
  • The ways real estate news coverage has changed in recent times and why it’s a topic the audience can’t get enough of
  • Why livestream auctions are the new national pastime and also provide an opportunity for agents to gain coverage
  • How News Corp’s different assets work together across print, digital and broadcast and why this creates new opportunities for agents to attract coverage for the listings and brand
  • The ways you can then use that coverage to further promote your brand

And much, much more

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.