How to Beat the Interceptors: Lisa B

An interceptor can be defined as a company or individual who is better at search engine optimisation or search engine marketing than you are. As Lisa B explains, their objective is to dominate page one of the search engines, where their presence entices your potential clients to call them and not look for you.

Interceptors are everywhere. On the real estate agents comparison platforms some of these, amongst many, would be:

  • openagent.com.au
  • whichrealestateagent.com.au
  • localagentfinder.com.au
  • homesellerguide.com.au
  • agentscompare.com.au

Then, of course, you also have the real estate portals who again do everything to intercept potential buyers and sellers before they land on your website.

What do these companies all have in common? They understand the power of being on page one of Google.

Even though interceptors spend millions of dollars on marketing, as real estate offices we have something that they don’t. We have local offices with local search power.

As real estate offices, we don’t have to take on the whole of Australia; we only need to market to our area. Buyers and sellers will search for what they want in our neighbourhood. For example, a buyer will search ‘Real estate in Coolangatta’  or whatever suburbs they are looking for.

Generally speaking, the average real estate office doesn’t need to appear in locations outside their core area. You need to dominate page one for your neighbourhood. This is why keywords are so important.

If you have your search engine optimisation strategies right, your website will be on page one of Google – then buyers and sellers might not even see the interceptors.

Don’t let them be on page one.

Interceptors understand marketing; they understand they need to be seen. They need to be heard. They need to have strategic marketing plans in place. They identify their market and target them accordingly.

Interceptors understand lead generation. They understand that they are promoting their name for an outcome. They have opt-ins to get potential clients’ names, addresses and phone numbers. They are building their database and capturing the lead.

They understand follow-up. They have a system in place to contact the lead. They tweak and they perfect. They may have an email follow-up system as well as a phone follow-up system.

They understand strategies. They will plan exactly what they are going to do to target your potential client.

This is not new or unique to real estate. You only have to Google hotels or flights. Many times you Google a hotel name only to find a page full of interceptors on page one while the hotel itself is on page two or three!

Interceptors do everything they can to arrive on page one. They intercept your potential enquiry. They become the middleman. They become the referrer.

So what’s my advice?

  • Have a clear strategy for getting on page one of Google
  • Have a detailed marketing plan
  • Build your online profile
  • Build your credibility and authority online.

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Lisa B

Lisa B is a real estate coach, trainer and professional female speaker. For more information visit lisab.com.au