Let Your Unconscious Get to Work!

Is your unconscious mind holding you back? Terri Cooper from Real Estate Mastery, and author of “Women on Top” explains how you can gain control and get the career results that you want.

The financial rewards that can be gained from a successful career in real estate sales are enormous, there is no glass ceiling on your income, and there are no expensive university or college courses to pass. So, why are so many agents in trouble?

Most real estate agents learn their profession on the job, so to speak, and usually by trial and error. This is an incredibly costly and frustratingly slow way to learn. It does not need to be this way!

The path to success begins with enthusiasm, determination, resilience, and a hunger to learn. Success leaves clues, and you must avail yourself of every avenue to gain knowledge, strategies, and selling skills to action with discipline every day.

Do you spend every day working long hours but often getting nowhere? If so, you could be sabotaging your own success!

When I compare the top agents with those who struggle, I find that there is one ingredient common to each of these top performers. They are crystal clear on what they want, but even more importantly, why they want it! This is the fuel that drives their day, this is what gives them the strength to get up and get going again when things go wrong, this is what motivates them to do whatever it takes to get there.

Yes, you need goals, big ones, and small ones, but even more importantly, you need the “why”!

Unless you consciously set your path, you are allowing your unconscious mind to run your life.


Take some quiet time with a pen and paper and ask yourself the big questions:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want this?
  • What will happen if I don’t get this?

Now let your unconscious get to work! At the base of your brain is a little gateway called the RAS, or the Reticular Activating System. It acts as a filtering system between your conscious and your subconscious mind, and its function is to allow you to be conscious of whatever you think is important at any one time.

Jack Canfield in his book “The Success Principles – How to get from where you are to where you want to be”, says, “Whatever you give your attention to and focus on, shapes your character, creates your circumstances, and determines your ultimate destiny.” When you are clear on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of your goals, your RAS will begin working to attract the opportunities and the people into your life to help you achieve them.

Unless you consciously set your path, you are allowing your unconscious mind to run your life. Don’t let this happen to you!

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Terri Cooper

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