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Kim Bamford – Transform video diary week 6

Transform Week 6 – This week, head coach Claudio Encina spoke about redefining and refining your farm area and we asked Kim to give us an overview of hers. We also asked Kim how she has connected with her BDA and if she has used some of the Campaigntrack marketing material to do so. Finally, Steve Carroll from realestate.com.au visited the Super Six and spoke at length about having an engaging Agent Profile and what this means to your digital presence. We asked Kim what she took from this lesson and what she has done to update her profile on realestate.com.au

Questions we asked Kim to reflect on in her check-in video

  1. After Claudio’s presentation did you redefine your farm area, how many properties approx are you trying to connect with now?
  2. What are some of the ways that you have connected with them in the past couple of weeks (or plan to) and have you used Campaigntrack marketing to do this?
  3. After Steve’s presentation have you a) googled yourself, what did you find, b) have you updated your agent profile, c) have you connected with your REA rep and how did that go?
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Kim Bamford

Kim Bamford was part of the #SuperSix of Transform 2016. Kim is from Davey Real Estate in Scarborough WA and she is a Sales Consultant