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Kim Bamford – Transform video diary week 5

Transform Week 5 – Kim talks about some of the things that she took away from the sessions with Charmaine Keegan from Smarter Selling, including how to connect with someone’s buying or selling preferences; and also her takeaways from Jet Xavier who spoke on the power of being mindfit. Kim also reflects on how defining her ‘Why’ at the beginning of the program has influenced her ideal week. Lastly, prompted by a story of ‘Mick the taxi driver’ in Tom Panos’ morning rev-up email, we asked her what has been some ‘outrageously good’ customer service she has given.

Questions we asked Kim to reflect on in her check-in video

  1. Reflecting back on your journey from Week 1 – are you still going back to you why, and it is still motivating you? How is your ideal week going? Have any of you joined the 5am club?
  2. Jet talked about three things you need to be ‘mindfit’ – Resilience, Confidence and Optimism. How have you put at least 1 of three (if not 3 of 3 into practice)?
  3. Charmaine talked the cues you get from others when you really watch and listen closely. What have you noticed about the people you are talking to of late and was it different to before?
  4. Tom Panos in his email this morning talked about “Mick the taxi driver”. What is one way in which you have provided “outrageously good” customer service to someone in the past few weeks?
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Kim Bamford

Kim Bamford was part of the #SuperSix of Transform 2016. Kim is from Davey Real Estate in Scarborough WA and she is a Sales Consultant