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Kim Bamford – Transform video diary week 4

Kim reflects on what she got out of Transform week 4 with Josh Cobb from Stepps on social and content marketing as well as Helen Mitchell from Busivid on how to get the most out of self generated video content creation.

  1. What was something you picked up from Josh that you didn’t know and how will you add this to your marketing mix?
  2. Have you used your Busivid gear for something other than your video diaries yet and how did it go?
  3. Have you had a chance to watch any of AREC 2015 and what bits have you enjoyed?
  4. Nothing to do with either (and optional) I thought we should have a bit of fun. Batman or Superman? and why?…
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Kim Bamford

Kim Bamford was part of the #SuperSix of Transform 2016. Kim is from Davey Real Estate in Scarborough WA and she is a Sales Consultant