Jeremy Wilkinson- More than successful sales

What’s your most memorable moment/highlight for 2019?
I know it’s not about the dollars, but for 10 years my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) was to crack $1 million GCI. I went over this by $250.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt this year?
On the back of it not all being about the money, it’s really important to have great people around you. They make you a better person, keep you honest and make work that much more enjoyable.

What do you do differently to others in the real estate industry?
I have systems I’ve been refining for years to ensure I contact every seller regularly, from the first meeting right through to the sale.

Similarly, for buyers, I keep them regularly updated with market facts and properties similar to others they’ve viewed. My goal is that for both sellers and buyers, I can be someone they come to for advice. It’s all about building rapport, and I think my systems allow me to do this well.

What’s the biggest myth people have about agents, and what needs to happen to change that perception?
That the profession is full of dishonest people. Realistically, every industry has about five in 100 that are horrible, but the rest are good, honest, hardworking people who really just want to help everyone.

Unfortunately, we often get thrown under the bus with the five per cent. It comes down to education, and I think we need better training and support from the industry to enforce the correct procedures from the start of a person’s real estate career.

What would winning agent of the year mean to you?
It would make me very proud as it would represent nearly 20 years of hard work but also recognise the great efforts of my team and the Harcourts brand, which all play a vital role in my achievements.

What are your goals professionally and personally for 2020?Professionally I want to keep pushing it to the next level and honestly make sure I do two hours of solid prospecting every day.

I want to ensure my family has a great year. It’s my middle son’s last year of school, so I want to make sure he enjoys it, and I also want to make sure my wife and I get away for a break somewhere nice.

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