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Is the real estate industry too picky?

Recruiting new members for your team is one of the most taxing aspects of real estate, but setting unreasonably high standards may explain an apparent lack of talent. Sarah Dawson investigates.

By all accounts the recruitment market for quality candidates is a competitive space, with over 5,000 agencies in NSW alone vying for top-quality candidates – making it as ruthless as the real estate climate today. In this market, there are a few key factors to consider when looking at your internal people plan.

Be clear on your non-negotiables
It is possible that the ‘Blue Sky’ list of must-haves could actually qualify out many potential opportunities without even a conversation. Work with your consultant so they can help you hone in on the qualities and skills that you feel are top of the list. This is a positive exercise with the reasonable goal being to come up with no more than five deal breakers. Once you have a shortlist presented to you and you start the interview process, ensure that these five qualities are top of mind.

Set a reasonable timeframe
Set a practical timeline for hiring. By ensuring that you have approved budget, start dates and job description, you will be empowered to make the decision to hire in a reasonable timeframe. Too often we see agencies wait for the perfect candidate only to be delayed internally, causing them to miss out. Going to market prepared and ready to hire will mean a great experience for the candidate and will avoid them having doubts around internal challenges.

It is possible that the ‘blue sky’ list of must-haves could actually qualify out many great opportunities without even a conversation.

Form a relationship
We work with those we trust, so looking for a hiring consultant who is available to partner with you and your business will make you feel comfortable that they know the exact type of person you’re looking for. They know the culture, they know the list of non-negotiables, they know the person who will make a difference to you and your team. Once you have this relationship you won’t ignore an email with a resume; you’ll be excited to see what it contains.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss
Give people a moment to warm up. Whether it be during the hiring process or even once you have them on board, give them a moment to find their way. Changing roles is challenging no matter what level we are working at; it takes people time to feel comfortable in their environment, to find a work buddy they feel at ease with, to understandthe expectations of their role and to gauge the culture and acceptance on behaviours. Ensure you give the new team member support, time and space to hit their stride, which will provide them with a positive experience. Well-structured onboarding that encourages reaching out to their peers, and daily check-ins (moving to weekly) to see how they are managing, will help them feel supported.

Fulfilling your top five points on your wish list means you have got it right, so invest in people based on this theory. There are many ways to support your new hire, whether it be through coaching, a few short courses, on-the-job training or industry support lines. The cost of this is minimal compared to leaving a seat vacant for too long and compromising your service or profitability. Trust your decisions.

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