InspectSafe: Streamlining the inspection process

InspectSafe is the latest inspection management solution transforming the way residential property inspections are managed across Australia and New Zealand. It is an inspection app that provides essential personal safety features for property managers, whilst delivering peak efficiency and the real-time outcomes which property owners expect from professional management.

InspectSafe captures key information from all trust systems and covers all types of inspections, including entry, exit and routine inspections, to streamline the process and reduce the time spent on inspections and reporting. Producing customisable reports on site, in record time, its safety features include distress alerts and GPS location tracking.

“My calculations about the admin side of routine inspections is that InspectSafe has cut the time down by around 35 minutes per inspection,” said Elle Osborne, First National on The Coast.

“InspectSafe is easy to use, sends the entry notices to the tenants, merges with our trust accounting software for the properties, saves a copy of the inspection to the cloud and the maintenance comes through directly from the report so we don’t need to worry about re-entering the maintenance into the system after a routine inspection. The photos are clear and while out doing the inspections it is quick and easy to use.”

InspectSafe’s delivery starts well before the inspection begins. As Peter Drucker famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” and so the creation of better inspections begins with their planning, using the InspectSafe planning and management systems.

These systems notify applicable parties of upcoming inspections and any changes, plan the route to determine the most efficient path from door to door, and then automatically schedule and plan inspections based on how you work and your agency settings.

InspectSafe includes innovative personal safety processes to keep property managers safe. Property managers can check for common issues before starting an inspection and, in the event of an emergency or threatening situation, the app can send notifications to key personnel and provide processes for those people to follow in order to ensure the situation is made safe.

InspectSafe can also capture audio and video silently in the background until help arrives, and by doing so the app continues to protect property managers far beyond any immediate threat.

“While I was an agent at Integrity Real Estate, I was always worried and concerned of the safety of my property managers while attending inspections of any kind,” says Deniz Yusef, BDM Coach.  “This new app that Property Safe has developed to me is just ingenious, a no-brainer to help with the safety and streamline of a system that will jump into any issues arises but importantly with speed.”

As part of the PropertySafe suite, InspectSafe integrates seamlessly with Maintenance Manager, making real-time information about the maintenance and repairs of a property available for the inspection.

You can also see reports and photography for up to five previous inspections, with clear photography and powerful gallery features – including the photo burst feature, making it easier to see and highlight any changes over time.

There are unique comment capturing tools and text-to-speech integration, with a capability to make follow-up notes for the tenant and internal notes.

Reports are fully customisable and designed to showcase the agency. They can include location and executive summaries, while property templates can be modified on the fly and reused on future inspections – creating a bespoke and customised report for different kinds of properties.

In a mobile world, the reports can be previewed and sent straight from the device while on the road, without the need for further administrative work on returning to the office.

Visit inspectsafe.com for more information.

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