Inhabit software launches free real estate QR check-in for open homes

Like the MiniDisc and the Beta Video, the QR code seemed destined to be another technology that never quite caught on.

Then, the pandemic hit and the QR code was suddenly everywhere.

The contactless nature and simplicity of the technology means it’s COVID-safe and everyone can use it.

Bill Shields from Inhabit Software says he was sitting at a cafe one day thinking about why, in real estate, we weren’t using them for open homes.

He says there are two reasons.

“Firstly, before COVID-19, not enough people were familiar or engaged with QR codes.

“Secondly mobile phones previously required a special app to be downloaded to understand them.”

Bill says this gave him an idea, and following the successful soft-launch to Inhabit’s existing customers in August, the company have now announced the official launch of their QR Code Check-in system as a standard feature.

This QR Check-in system is free for existing customers and a complimentary feature for new customers.

Bill says the feature has proven popular with both agents and the public alike because it makes the open home check-in process fast and easy for both.

“It’s contactless, it’s accurate and your attendees are immediately available within the CRM without duplication.

“This allows further details of the property and Sales Agent to be instantly sent and ongoing marketing campaigns to commence.

For more information contact Inhabit visit or enquire using the code below:

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