Hustle and Heart Will Set You Apart

WHAT CAN WE LEARN from this year’s Transform #supersix? At the conclusion of the program Tanja M Jones identifies the three core ingredients most essential for personal transformation.

OVER THE PAST twelve weeks, as one of the head coaches alongside industry greats Tom Panos and Claudio Encina, I have had the privilege to witness six human beings take on the extraordinary challenge of personal evolution in a public real estate arena during the Elite Agent Transform 2017 program.

It’s hard to believe it’s now over and that the winner is pictured on the cover of the magazine you are now holding. Take a look: that glowing person on the front cover, just over twelve weeks ago, courageously followed in the footsteps of Sir Richard Branson and said to themselves, ‘Screw it, let’s do it’, and do it they did!

The immersive program stretched each participant by providing a steep learning curve where they found themselves implementing foreign systems and processes, attending weekly conference calls, filming their personalised video tips, glamming up for photoshoots and diving into must-do daily prospecting – all whilst navigating the discomfort of self-promotion and the vulnerable landscape of public voting.

Let’s not forget this was all achieved alongside running a business and meeting their personal and professional responsibilities whilst maintaining meaningful relationships with their families and loved ones.

I know there were times when the transformational cocoon felt considerably tight for each of them and the thought of quitting threatened to feast on their dreams. Yet, true to their word, with their accountability coach in their corner and the entire Transform team by their side, each of the #supersix has emerged bolder, brighter, and a little bit lighter than when they began.

The pioneering program swiftly elevated their individual skill set across a multitude of real estate service standards, systems and strategies. However, more importantly, it tested their willpower; it challenged their ability to rise above what would normally stop them in life, leaving them now unrecognisable to themselves in many ways.

As I reflect upon the attributes the #supersix demonstrated during the course of the program, three core transformational ingredients arise.

The application of the following elements is vital if you are someone keen to grow, enthusiastic to prosper and fulfil your potential – which may currently be simmering just below the surface or lying completely dormant deep within.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” – Muhammad Ali

A common denominator for each of the #supersix was that they demonstrated a hunger to evolve and they backed themselves. They didn’t just think about entering Transform; they took the time, fronted up, dressed up and looked down the barrel to declare their intention to become more than they were that day.

This is a beautiful and bold act; it takes courage to put yourself out there, especially when the public can influence the outcome. Consider that many of us think about daring to do something: writing that book, shooting that video, knocking on that door or calling that auction, but most of us are swiftly stopped by the handbrake of our subconscious mind, worried about what people will think of us.

To transform and succeed in both business and life, you must have an appetite to taste more for yourself; you have to hunt. By that I mean that you’ve got to rummage deep within yourself and seek out that which feeds your soul, fuels your flame and satisfies your quest for success. You’ve got to be hungry to go beyond mediocre, to taste the sweetness of your wildest dreams and pounce with all your ounce!

“Lose yourself in service of others” – Gandhi

In a world of social selfies, Snapchat stories and ‘it’s all about me’ moments, the true heroes in my eyes are the ones who show a modest approach and use their energy, platform and resources to shine a light on those they are committed to serve or contribute to.

One of the greatest characteristics often displayed during the competition was humility. When the contestants went beyond themselves and made it more about their vendors, buyers, team or even their entire town, as with Leanne Druery’s ‘Mighty Mackay’ Campaign, that’s where the magic truly began.

This was certainly a theme that all coaches and competition contributors emphasised. There was a unifying belief that being of service, putting others first, standing for something bigger than themselves would yield the greatest returns.

This was not easy to achieve at times because, let’s be honest, it was a competition; there was a prize at stake, a set of Mercedes-Benz keys to claim and the honour of being cover agent on the line. All of the #supersix were clear they wanted to win, yet they each ensured they took care of one another, fluffing one another’s feathers when they needed it and celebrating everyone’s success along the way.

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle” – Abraham Lincoln

Now this word ‘hustle’, I believe, is one of those confetti real estate words like ‘Uber’ and ‘disruption’ that gets thrown around everywhere. We hear it all the time. It conjures up ideas like arrive early, stay late, do whatever it takes, outrun the competition, be first, be the best and never give in.

All very motivating qualities for sure. However, I truly believe that the greatest element we need to hustle is ourselves, our willpower or grit, gumption and drive, for there will always be days where we don’t feel like it and things won’t go to plan.

Consider that when we put our hand up for greatness we have to jostle, bump, shove and shoulder our own egos and this, for most of us, is a daily battle. If you don’t get this sorted your external hustle will land as disconnected and heartless, making the hunt that much harder and the competition way more attractive.

Thanks for the lessons, #supersix class of 2017. Here’s to your continued success!

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Tanja M Jones

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