How’s the serenity at this all black Noosa Heads home

In Queensland’s serene Noosa Heads, there stands a home that defies conventional expectations – a home as dark as the night, inside and out.

The property at 15 Eugarie St, has been crafted in all black.

From the solid timber walls, to the kitchen island bench and even the fittings and fixtures throughout, the Frank Macchia designed home embraces ebony hues.

But far from being a gloomy statement, this high-end home was crafted with solace, privacy and tranquility in mind.

“Stepping inside this home is truly something special, it has an energy that envelops you,” the listing description states.

“Immediately, you feel awe-struck by its beauty but also grounded by its serenity.

“The dark solid timber walls that allow glorious glimpses of sky and form frames around the incredible vista beyond, offer strength and safety.

“The deliberately minimalist design encourages you to breathe and draw in the environment.

“The home epitomises the serenity and sustainability that we are collectively craving after the chaos and uncertainty of recent years.”

The all black house at 15 Eugarie St, Noosa Heads, is on the market at offers above $2.5 million. Photo: Domain

is a testament to minimalist design, carefully crafted by the visionary Frank Macchia, ensuring that the future owner finds solace and privacy within its ebony walls.

Listed by Nathan Howie from Noosa Estate Agents, the property has been priced at offers above $2.5 million.

Features in the minimalist design include dark timber walls and floors, framed windows and textiles.

Subtle copper accents and designer lighting are artfully employed to soften the overall effect, giving rise to an ambiance that is tranquil and considered.

Notably, the listing suggests that the dark walls, far from being oppressive, exude a sense of strength, safety and serenity.

The floor plan segregates living and sleeping spaces into dedicated wings, yet connects them through enclosed decks.

The all black house at 15 Eugarie St, Noosa Heads, is on the market at offers above $2.5 million. Photo: Domain

Outside, a private rear yard and breathtaking views of the Noosa River await on the entertainer’s balcony.

Dulux Colour and Communications Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr, sheds light on the purpose behind this darkness.

“Often the black becomes the framing effect for beautiful vistas or a transformative effect camouflaging into local surroundings,” she tells Domain.

“There is something beautiful about black especially against foliage and natural timbers.

“As black absorbs light you can actually use lighting to highlight key features and focal points which become more illuminated in that setting.”

The all black house at 15 Eugarie St, Noosa Heads, is on the market at offers above $2.5 million. Photo: Domain

For those not ready to embrace a completely black palette, Ms Lucena-Orr suggests subtle introductions of the dark tone through kitchen cabinetry, a black ceiling, or carefully chosen furniture and accessories.

In the context of property values, Domain’s House Price Report for the June 2023 quarter reveals that the average house price in Noosa Heads has risen to $2.225 million, marking a substantial year-on-year increase of 10.3 per cent.

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.