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How to own your digital space with Colin Anstie

When it comes to standing out in the digital space, Raging Digital CEO Colin Anstie says it’s about three essential steps: creating a ‘killer’ profile, growing your audience and offering amazing content.

He’ll be on hand at Digital Live 2018 to offer an in-depth insight into exactly how that’s done. Mr Anstie offers his expertise as an analyst and speaker for the event, working through participating agents’ profiles to find areas that can be improved.

“I go through the statistics platform by platform to see what works well to get leads and revenue,” he explains.

Areas of interest include the agent’s current profile, their audience and the content they offer.

“I’m looking at the personal brand of the agent, because it’s absolutely essential they establish a killer profile. Then we look at creating followership and audience across social media. Agents generally have a low personal following.

“Finally, it’s about creating amazing content offering education, predictions and creating authority.”

Mr Anstie says agents often make common mistakes when it comes to how they approach their digital space.

“Many agents use social media as a noticeboard for their listings, and they’re not really considering the audience at the other end. They can seem arrogant or patronising because they’re not thinking about the 40-plus educated couple who is their audience.

“We also see poor usage of assets, including old images or even party photos, but this is about their personal brand. Meanwhile, there are so many agents selling rather than giving educational advice.”

And he reflects that harnessing the power of social media involves testing and trialling until they hit the right spot.

“The core mentality and philosophy of all agents should be about testing and even failing. The only true judge is the user’s audience, so they should be looking at what posts do well.

“Social media is laborious; it’s like a treadmill that’s getting faster, so if your approach is not driving revenue then you need to stop and try something new.”

Meanwhile, he offers advice on immediate actions that agents can be taking now to improve their digital reach.

“Post content today. Makes sure it’s educational for your exact audience. Connect with 20 of your clients and conduct a quick check of your images and video to ensure they represent your brand.”

Mr Anstie says it is actions like this that help agents transform their digital presence, and the results from last year’s Digital Live support his approach.

Digital Live 2018 is a comprehensive six-month program where agents will be given the skills, mentoring, feedback and tools to stand out in the crowded digital arena. It includes live events in Sydney and Brisbane.

You can learn more about Digital Live 2018 here.

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