How to keep up the momentum until the end of the year

Top coach Claudio Encina answers questions about finishing the year with momentum and how to target expired listings.

With Christmas just around the corner, you have the choice to stretch or coast towards the finish line.

It’s often the small decisions and routine things you often don’t think about a lot, that have the power to determine much of your success.

Life is full of moments that require a final push to achieve the end goal.

With a little more than 25 days until Christmas, there are still massive opportunities in the marketplace.

The market is changing, so take ownership and lead the market against your competition heading into 2023.

Don’t let the abundance of this market float past you. It’s happening now.

Now is the time to clean up and get on board.

You should get a sneaky head start before 2023 arrives.

Smash your daily call connections, doorknock with absolute focus and move your potential listings and sales one step closer before Christmas.

You have worked hard, and all of the hard work throughout the year is going to come down to the final months in 2022.

All games on the court, field or in life are decided in the final push.

Those final months, weeks, days and even minutes can revitalise your objectives and spark you to capture the extraordinary. 

Develop the habit of staying committed and finishing strong with these 10 tips: 

  1. Call every client you did business with this year to say  “thank you”.
    A thank you call goes a long way and people love feeling appreciated.
  2. You want to be seen as the expert in your marketplace.
    An expert is three things: the resource, the researcher and the person who gets the results. Be the resource with a well-documented end of year market wrap online or offline or both.
  3. Develop the incontestable value in your listing presentation.
    Your clients are asking why they should list their home now? Have a clear differentiation as to why they should list with you before Christmas.
  4. Start creating your 2023 plan and goals.
    Breakdown the business intelligence to identify what’s working, what’s not working, where your business came from this year and what your conversion rate is. Go deep with your business metrics.
  5. Target all the expired and withdrawn properties from this year.
    The low hanging fruit is a great way to build a relationship as they may consider listing their property on the market in the new year and this can mean new business for 2023.
  6. Every day go into a tight bubble of focus for 90 minutes.
    Focus on what matters and ignore the rest. 
  7. Wake up each day with a white belt mindset. Not ego.
    Now is not the time to think you are a black belt because you have had a few sales and listings. The biggest killer to your success is ego. Don’t rest on your laurels or get complacent and allow mediocrity to creep in.
  8. Get yourself an accountability buddy or coach.
    Have someone keep you on track daily to ensure you finish the year with some momentum and traction.
  9. Contact the pipeline and ask some powerful cut through questions.
    Do you have any plans to buy or sell in 2023?
  10. Have a celebration plan. This year has had its ups and downs.
    Take the time to celebrate some of the amazing achievements and milestones.  

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