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How to get more buyers through your listing

As the world of real estate evolves, more agents are turning to social media to help them generate new buyers and sellers than ever before. With more vendors willing to invest in social media advertising over traditional print media, Emma Barr from iLEADS explains how to maximise results.

When you get a vendor who is willing to invest in social media, you want to make sure you are maximising the return for them. You also want to make sure that the leads generated are captured and that you are able to start converting them into either buyers or future sellers.

We have outlined below one of our most successful listing campaigns, which we have seen generate anywhere from 30 to 120 leads over 30 days. This is ready for you to duplicate and install within your business today.


When you are building a new Facebook Campaign, you want to make sure the page you are sending your prospects to is a dedicated funnel, purpose-built to generate leads for your business. Often we find that when agents send prospects to a general website the prospect gets distracted and will click away before we are able to capture their information.

There are many different platforms you can utilise for your funnel, but we have found that the most user-friendly are Instapage and Leadpages. Build a simple two-step funnel where the prospect has to enter their information prior to being able to access further information on the property. We generally request their name, email, phone number and residential address.

Once you have set up your funnel and uploaded all your property images, open times and details, make sure you have set up the notifications so that you get sent an email every time a prospect enters their information. You want your finger on the pulse so you can contact those prospects straight away.

When you get a vendor who is willing to invest in social media, you want to make sure you are maximising the return for them.


There are many different types of campaigns that you can build out in Facebook to generate traffic and leads for your new listing. However, we are going to show you one of the simplest to install that will generate you some great results.

An ‘Engagement’ Campaign is designed to build engagement on a particular post. To build this type of campaign, do a regular Facebook post announcing the property with a short description and include the link to your funnel and images to the property. Your call to action should be ‘Click here for more information’.

Once your post is live, enter your Facebook Ads Manager Account and build a new campaign. Select ‘Engagement’ then follow the prompts.

A few tips for your new marketing campaign:

  • Edit your Ad placements and only select ‘News Feed’ in Facebook (and potentially Instagram if you have a business account)
  • Your Ad spend should be at least $10 per day for 30 days.
  • When building out your audience, the more specific you get the better. However, try to keep your audience targeting to approximately 10,000 (this will obviously vary area to area)
  • When you get through to the last section of building out your campaign, select your Facebook post that you have just recently made announcing the property. Then publish; your campaign will now be live.


With an Engagement campaign we generally try to get a cost per engagement of $0.10. If you are achieving this on your Listing campaign, you have a very relevant campaign that your target audience is responding to.

If your cost per engagement is too high it might be that you aren’t targeting the right people in your area; try updating the audience before simply turning off the campaign or changing the ad. By making small changes to your audience you can potentially expose your property to a whole new target market and start generating those results you are looking for.

Facebook Marketing is not always straightforward, but with a little direction you can start generating some amazing results for your vendors and open up the dialogue with more buyers than you would have been able to capture previously.

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Emma Barr

Emma Barr is the Owner and Founder of iLEADS, specialising in lead generation for real estate agents. For more information visit ileads.com.au.