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How to embrace change and future proof your business – Gihan Perera

"If I didn't have a particular asset, resource, or strength in my business, what would I do? Would I replicate the same thing, or is there now a better option?" - Gihan Perera

If the database you’d built for years was hacked and destroyed, would it be the end of the world? Or could you replicate most of your data fairly quickly using other more modern ways of gathering data?

Futurist Gihan Perera, in this podcast, throws down the challenge to innovate – particularly in relation to startups that may not have the same assets, resources and strengths as you do. If they don’t need them, do you? How can you take advantage of younger talent in your business? How can you remove experiences that are slow, bumpy and unpleasant for your customers?

“The opposite of fast, free and flat is slow, bumpy, and expensive. So if you want to know the biggest potential disruption points in your business and in the industry as a whole look at what is slow, bumpy or expensive…” – Gihan Perera

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • How ‘starting from scratch thinking’ can give you a competitive advantage over would-be disruptors
  • Why ‘disruption’ does not have to have a negative meaning
  • Why not all change is disruptive or negative – change is something the younger generation in your business actually enjoys!
  • A framework to brainstorm with the team and get your business “fit for the future”.
  • Testing what you know to be true – and avoiding what Gihan calls the “zone of delusion” – where experienced people no longer question what they believe, regardless of the evidence around them
  • Critically looking at the tools you currently use – would you replace them with something different if you had to start over?
  • The concept of ‘reverse mentoring’ and why you should give it a try…

Plus much much more!

Connect with Gihan Perera

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  • Twitter: @gihanperera

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