How to build customer loyalty for life: Ben Collier

“If you have an impact on an individual - it can come back in five or 10 years. Give them a good experience and they will want to use you again...” - Ben Collier

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Ben Collier doesn’t like the limelight, he prefers his results, and that of his team, to speak for themselves.

And what an eye-popping collection of results they are.

In 2018 Ben was involved in the sale of Rona for a suburb record in Bellevue Hill for $58.37 million.

He also achieved the record for the highest sale in Centennial Park, selling 44-46 Lang Rd for $16.5 million.

But, in a rare interview, Ben shares with Samantha why he is not all about breaking records and it is more important to develop lifetime relationships with his clients and his team.

“It’s become a game of inches now. You might be doing five per cent more here and you might be doing two per cent more here and three per cent more there, so it has become a game of inches where, collectively, all of those key differentials add up to where you might be 15 per cent over and above the next agent that the owner is considering.”

Some of the topics I discussed with Ben include:

  • Ben’s philosophy on real estate, including why he plays the long game and not the ‘right now’ game.
  • How to build a successful team and why your team’s brand is just as important as your own
  • How his team works together to ensure the best outcome for the client
  • How The Agency and The Agency’s leadership team play an active role in Ben’s business
  • Why simply calling lots of people doesn’t necessarily work when it comes to relationship building
  • Why you shouldn’t celebrate for too long when you get a listing or make a sale
  • Ben’s most memorable sale – it’s not what you would think
  • The places Ben draws inspiration from for business growth
  • Why every business needs to regularly hit the ‘refresh’ button.


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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.